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  1. Ronaldinho53

    Need Help with 3_images

    This is from a very helpful thread... 24. I have installed a contribution but the instructions tell me to alter the database with the supplied SQL file. How do I do that? Most hosting packages include a utility called phpMyAdmin and that is where you can make your database alterations. From your host's control panel, locate the link to phpMyAdmin. Once inside, select your database from the drop down menu in the left column. Now you have 2 choices. Either click on the "Import" tab at the top of the screen, navigate to the contribution SQL file and click "Go" or, click on the "SQL" tab, also top of the screen, copy the SQL file content and paste into the text area and then click the "Go" button. Either way is good. Read more answers to your questions here Hope that helps, Ron
  2. Hi Deb, did you get your problem resolved? Sorry I can't help (I'm a designer not a coder) but I would if I could. When I use Ultrapics my only option is to upload from my hard drive (even if the image is already on the server). You may need to do some custom coding... good luck!
  3. Ronaldinho53

    Error happened when Run sql_ultra_pics

    Go to your phpMyAdmin Choose your osC database on the left in the pull-down menu On the right side, click on the SQL tab at the top Then paste the sql code into the textarea on that page Click on the GO button and you are done
  4. Ronaldinho53

    UPS or ...?

    There's a flat rate USPS module that you may want to consider since your boxes are the same.
  5. Ronaldinho53

    USPS problems

    Did you ever sort this out? I'm experiencing the same problem on my local WAMP server.
  6. Hello Jon, I'v been using the Google XML Sitemap Feed by Chemo (2005). It works well. The most challenging for me was the CRON set-up, but that can vary from host to host.
  7. The layout is mainly controlled in your css file. Apply the rules from the featured_products module to the modules/featured.php file to make them look the same.
  8. You really don't have to convert anything if they're already jpegs or gifs (you can optimize them though)...just import them into your shop through your admin.
  9. Ronaldinho53

    multiple images of one item

    I have/use Ultrapics. I don't think you can have multiple images in your pop-up window...at least I couldn't get it to work. Ron
  10. Ronaldinho53

    Change left column width in a custom template

    Thanks for the reply, but I tried that already. Here is my application_top: // customization for the design layout define('BOX_WIDTH', 120); // how wide the boxes should be in pixels (default: 125) The actual width of my left column is 203 pixels, (not 120) which doesn't make much sense to me. There must be other files that control the column width, I just haven't found them. I even changed all the files in my includes folder (about 30 of them!) and it still didn't change. I think my main problem is that I started with a template, and I have since learned they are not easily changed. Oh well, I think I'll call it a newbie mistake and just live with it...it doesn't look that bad. Thanks again for your suggestion!
  11. Ronaldinho53

    Multiple images of a product

  12. Ronaldinho53

    Multiple images of a product

    Use a contribution like UltraPics (my choice) or MoPics...there are many to choose from in the contribution section. ;)
  13. I would like to change the width of my left column from 203 to 165 and noticed that this code is in all my php files in the Catalog folder: <tr> <td width="203" align="right" valign="top" style="padding-right:1px; "> <table width="203" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0"> <?php require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'column_left.php'); ?> I have made changes to my column_left and index files but nothing changed. Do I have change all 37 files, or is there an easier way? Thanks
  14. Ronaldinho53

    Adding Drop Down Box to Product Listing

    In the Administration panel under Catalog / Product Attributes. Create an option name (color) and value (red or however many other colors you have) then apply to each product. Hope that helps ;)
  15. Ronaldinho53

    No popup in Ultrapics???

    This is a great contribution for my store, but now that I have a large image showing, I don't need the popup window. The install instructions says; (To POPUP! or NOT TO POPUP!) Have Pop up Windows or NOT! But I can't seem to turn this off from the admin area. I would like to have a small thumb image, and a large image, but no popup...is this possible or do I have to install another contrib (ie, No Popups). Thanks