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  1. cameronbailey

    fast easy checkout

    I have a heaviliy modified site and I want to use this. I downloaded FEC 3.2 and the instructions call for replacing checkout_shipping.php. I know this will mess up my site. Are there instructions available for simply replacing what needs to be replaced in that file?
  2. cameronbailey

    Paypal Not Charging Zone Shipping

    Sorry for posting before searching. I found my answer. "Please check your PayPal account profile settings in Shipping Calculations, at the bottom of that page, check the option Click here to allow transaction-based shipping values to override the profile shipping settings listed above (if profile settings are enabled)."
  3. cameronbailey

    Paypal Not Charging Zone Shipping

    I have the Zone Shipping Module on my site setup to charge $5.00 for US orders. The shipping shows up fine on the site, but when the order goes through the Paypal IPN, it isn't charged. Any idea how I can fix this?
  4. Here's a screenshot of my checkout confirmation page for an order from an Ontario customer who is being adult and kid's products. I don't want my tax classes to show up separately. Having G.S.T listed twice could be confusing to some customers. Here's how my tax structure breaks down: 6% G.S.T to all Canadian customers. 8% P.S.T to customers from Ontario, except on kid's products. 1. Taxable Goods - 6% | Zone: Canada - 8% | Zone: Ontario 2. Kids Products - 6% | Zone: Canada I'd like to know either how to edit ot_tax.php to fix this, or how to setup my tax classes in a way that will avoid the problem all together. Thanks!
  5. cameronbailey

    Only payment/shipping method available

  6. I'm having trouble finding where these two sentences come from: "This is currently the only payment method available to use on this order. " "This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order. " I want to remove them both, since I'm offering only one method of each and have no plans to expand those options. Anyone know where they are located?
  7. I'm nearing completion on my store. Everything is table free with a few minor things. I've come across some code in checkout_payment.php and I'm not sure what to do with it. Should be around line 250. if ( ($selection[$i]['id'] == $payment) || ($n == 1) ) { echo ' <tr id="defaultSelected" class="moduleRowSelected" onmouseover="rowOverEffect(this)" onmouseout="rowOutEffect(this)" onclick="selectRowEffect(this, ' . $radio_buttons . ')">' . "\n"; } else { echo ' <tr class="moduleRow" onmouseover="rowOverEffect(this)" onmouseout="rowOutEffect(this)" onclick="selectRowEffect(this, ' . $radio_buttons . ')">' . "\n"; } As it is, I've removed all of the other table tags from the page. No payment options are showing up anymore. I'm not sure exactly what this code does, so I don't know how to convert it to something that will work. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Still not working. Any help would appreciated. Thanks!
  9. More details for my problem: Thumbnailing is working correctly on the main site. (Images that were uploaded before installing the contrib now have thumbnails). I checked the The images directory is set to chmod 777. My catalog isn't in a subfolder, so I have my configure file set as follows: define('DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG', '/'); define('DIR_WS_HTTPS_CATALOG', '/'); define('DIR_WS_IMAGES', 'images/'); If I manually upload the image to the images folder, everything works fine. So it seems to strictly be an uploading problem.
  10. My images are only uploading to and displaying in the admin area. I've got no_image jpegs all over the main site. Any ideas?
  11. cameronbailey

    Displaying Categories On Main Page

    The images aren't showing up when I use that contrib. I'll probably be able to figure out a solution though. I have other image contribs installed that it might be causing problems.
  12. Does anyone know how to make a remove button for each individual product in the cart, instead of having a checkbox? I know where to place the code, I'm just not sure what to use. This is the code for an update button: tep_image_submit('button_update_cart.gif', IMAGE_BUTTON_UPDATE_CART) I figure I could write my own for the remove button, but I'm not sure what that code references. What file should I be adding to or modifying to make my own remove function?
  13. Looks like the file I downloaded was only a fix. I'm trying an earlier version now. No wonder I had problems!
  14. cameronbailey

    Show All Categories

    I've installed this contribution and it works well: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,62/page,15 What I'd like to do is distinguish between parent and child categories by changing their color, font size, etc. I looked through the code and couldn't see where to make this change. Any ideas?
  15. cameronbailey

    Displaying Categories On Main Page

    Good idea on the hard coding. For now that'll have to do for me.