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  1. germ

    Extra pages info box

    That's in In the ADMIN SIDE ON THE SERVER (not your local copy)? :unsure:
  2. germ

    Extra pages info box

    When you get UPPER_CASE_EERORS like that it usually means you have missed a "define" in a PHP file. Check you /admin/includes/database_tables.php and be sure it includes definitions for TABLE_PAGES and TABLE_PAGES_DESCRIPTION
  3. It's a value inserted into the configuration table in the DB when installed.
  4. The person who wrote this needs to attend an osC 101 class. :huh: My guess would be this code in /admin/includes/boxes/configuration.php array( 'code' => 'Slider Conf', 'title' => 'Slider', 'link' => 'slider.php' ) Try this instead: array( 'code' => 'Slider Conf', 'title' => 'Slider', 'link' => tep_href_link('slider.php') ) If you don't use the tep_href_link() function on anchors you stand a pretty good chance of losing the session.
  5. germ

    Header Tags SEO

    The "Cannot redeclare" error is caused by accidentally copying a "code" file into the "language" folder. Click the "Cannot redeclare" link i nmy signature for a simple way to find it.
  6. germ

    Reset Customers Password v2.3.3

    There isn't as far as I know. There is a "Master Password" add-on that would allow you to log into their account at reset it that way. I don't know if it's been recoded to work with 2.3.x versions or not. Just so you know - osC passwords are "hashed" not "encrypted". That means you can't decipher them (unless you have buddies high up in the NSA, they might be able to...)
  7. germ

    change detail in guest shipping

    catalog/includes/language/\english/modules/shipping/zones.php You're posting 2.3.x questions in the 3.x part of the forum again.
  8. germ

    Creating Return in PHP

    define('MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_TEXT_DESCRIPTION', 'Local to SHEPPARTON, VICTORIA REGION ONLY!!<br> We reserve the right to cancel any orders outside the PICKUP AREA stated above that don\'t include shipping.');
  9. Post the code from the file, lines 57 to 77 (sometimes what you consider a "line" and what the PHP parser considers it are different). Obviously something is amiss somewhere or you wouldn't be getting an error. :huh:
  10. I agree wholeheartedly. You wouldn't believe how many I've seen rename the admin then "disallow" it in the robots.txt file... :huh: Doing it correctly would then entail module control, although having any of the aforementioned pages indexed by search engines isn't the "end of the world" for sites as far as SEO purposes are concerned I wouldn't think.
  11. I'm with the other Jim. I just think the unparalleled coding talent that comprises the osC project would be better spent if directed at items that can't be solved with a simple text file. (See, I can suck up to the boss as well as anyone else in this thread). But obviously we are a minority. Excuse me while I STFU... :blush: