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  1. comsport

    Google XML Sitemap w/ Admin support

    I'm not using the catalog directory and it functions great for me...
  2. comsport

    Google XML Sitemap w/ Admin support

    Please check that you have don these 2 points: upload the file: catalog/sitemaps.index.php BUT: attention to upload this precise file and not the file that is in: catalog/includes/languages/english/sitemaps.index.php Also upload catalog/gss.xsl or it WONT work upload it directly in your root directory if you don't have catalog directory.
  3. comsport

    Google XML Sitemap w/ Admin support

    check that you have writing permissions for the 3 sitemaps :)
  4. comsport

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Version 2.5 works for me only with firefox. With IE6 and Opera, doesn't work. I can see only a completely blank page. Does anyone has this problem?
  5. comsport

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    I already installed V1.6, but I want to change my DB with your changes... How can I do this? I'm not an expert. Only copy and paste your modified SQL lines and execute them? or it will give me double entries?