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    "Return to Merchant" not working as expected

    Hi, This issue is resolved by installing the IPN system and it's now working perfectly. Case closed! Joe
  2. Hi, I'll try to bullet point this as much as possible: Store: http://www.newgrove.ie/catalog/ (TESTING ONLY) New setup, default values everywhere as setup by ISP install script. Issue: Customer buys, paypal finishes paymet and they get e-mail saying they paid me and i get paypay notification of paymet. Customer then click "Return to Merchant" but they get a store login screen...... (new session ID i *guess*) Troubleshooting done: Replicated issue on 2 PCs Checked source code behind the "return to merchant" button on the final paypal page, looks perfect: http://www.newgrove.ie/catalog/checkout_pr...a7a8f755f001618 <== not hard-coded in paypla account on my side) I;m thinking cookies or cache or summit on the browser, WHY? because if i MANUALLY put in http://www.newgrove.ie/catalog/checkout_pr...a7a8f755f001618 into my browser (do not hit the button) it works PERFECT. Ideas? I'm looking at IPN? or summit also but I'm lost on it so will need to read some more before i even download it. Joe Leavy