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  1. admin : admin\includes\classes\currencies.php catalog : includes\system\versioned\\currencies.php
  2. I can't moderate, PM sent @valquiria23
  3. The role of a moderator is very simple: ensure security, hunt spam and calm the spirits during inappropriate disputes. The moderators are all volunteers and do this in their spare time. If a post needs to be analyzed by a moderator, use the "report post" link in the offending message. The moderator will decide most of the cases alone. If it is a difficult case, the moderators discuss together before applying their decision. Please note: misuse of the "report post" is punishable. It is also punishable to throw oil on the fire to fuel a dispute. Morality: behave as a responsible adult and everything will be fine.
  4. bonbec

    PHP7: security update

    English : https://henrilechatnoir.com/a-php7-exploit-allows-hackers-to-hijack-web-servers-remotely/4132/ French (other site) : https://www.tomsguide.fr/une-faille-dans-php7-permet-le-controle-de-certains-serveurs-web-avec-une-simple-url/
  5. Bravo for the reactivity, I would test this evening. Thank you.
  6. A little suggestion: There is a lot of hardcoded English language in the invoice.php file It would be nice if it was multi-language, right?
  7. You have to see the Phoenix core code as a skeleton that you dress with the muscles (add-ons) you need. If you are a footballer, you will add leg muscles. If you are a table tennis player, you will add the arm muscles. If you are a basketball player, you will add both.
  8. There is a file database_tables.php in catalog and another in admin. Are you sure you have placed the define in the correct database_tables.php? Il y a un fichier database_tables.php dans catalog et un autre dans admin. Es-tu sûr d'avoir placé le define dans le bon database_tables.php ?
  9. It is true, it is impossible to register on the French forum because of a security code bug. C'est vrai, il est impossible de s'inscrire sur le forum français à cause d'un bug du code de sécurité. If you want help here, write in English (google translator can be your friend) . Si tu veux de l'aide ici, il faut écrire en anglais (google translator peut être ton ami).
  10. Bonjour, Hello, Ici on écrit en anglais ... Here we write in English ... http://www.oscommerce-fr.info/forum/index.php?showtopic=71803&pid=372599&st=0&#entry372599
  11. Hello Valqui, A question has never been a criticism. I also tried to install with php5.6 but by mistake (I forgot to select Php7.3.8 in my uWamp by changing site locally on my computer) and I got the red hand. If you had told me that the hand was green, then you would have found a bug and it would have been interesting to know the reason to correct the installation process. Good day too (and this is not a criticism 😉)
  12. The small hand next to the version number of PHP on the installation page was red or green?
  13. This was the case with BootStrap3. It can be changed with Bootstrap4, I have no mobile to check but I just ask you to believe.
  14. Css tooltips don't work the same in a desktop device (mouse over is ok) and a mobile device (tap to open and close).
  15. I agree with @JcMagpie But if you are able to play with PHP, you just have to look at the html code and the css code used by clicking on the buttons that I indicated with red arrows on the image below.
  16. Take a look on the html and css code from this page : https://bootsnipp.com/snippets/O5yMd
  17. bonbec

    I'm new to oscommerce

    Older versions work with older versions of PHP. It is strongly recommended to use the new versions of PHP because they are more powerful and more secure. PHOENIX works with PHP 7 to PHP 7.3. I know, I tried to see. To create the template, they modified the OsCommerce code. When we want to add an additional functionality to OsCommerce, we always have errors because of the modified code and the after-sales service of the template is non-existent in this case.
  18. bonbec

    Terms of Use.

    @Gyakutsuki, The art of minimizing things ... Lack of openness that you blame here but you apply. In France, we have a saying that says "Do what I say, not what I do". This is my last message on the subject, I said what I had to say.
  19. bonbec

    Terms of Use.

    @Gyakutsuki, Your message has a very special connotation given the censorship on the forum of your fork of OsCommerce indicating that one of my messages posted here has been copied without quoting the author ... The sprinkler watered?
  20. There is an addon for Osc MS2.2: https://apps.oscommerce.com/t2Q6O&disable-add-to-cart-button-if-stock-0-or&v=22 It is easily adaptable to recent versions including PHOENIX.
  21. bonbec

    Edge VS Frozen

    Frozen is now in Sunset Status with EOL slated for 31/12/2019. Phoenix is very innovative and goes far beyond all the different versions of OsCommerce and its forks. New features and optimizations are regularly available unlike Frozen which is at the end of life.
  22. You are true @ecartz but I think that Gary have an idea about hooks because I read this in his first message : " revamped categories/products page in admin with product tabs and pre-placed hooks ".
  23. Using tabs is a big improvement, a big big thank you! I made a small change to categories.php line 484 to add the model and product name in the product path to be modified to have: Editing Product in "LEM-1 => Lemons > Fruit" instead of : Editing Product in "> Fruit" I added this: $pInfo->products_model . ' => ' . tep_get_products_name($pInfo->products_id, $languages[$i]['id']) . ' > ' . It's easier to quickly visualize if you are in the right products.
  24. According to the European law, the general conditions of sale applicable are those which are in force at the time of the sale. If the general conditions of sale have been modified after registration (I have clients registered for 13 years and my Terms have been modified to adapt to European laws 2 times since), how can he be aware if he don't have knowledge of it at the time of purchase? I know that the majority of customers do not read them, but officially they have to do it.
  25. Bob,, 1) Yes 2) Don't modify container-fluid in container, you can use this : .container-fluid { margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto; max-width: 85%; /* or what you want in px like 1020px for example*/ } margin-right and margin-left are to centered your layout with the max-width defined.