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  1. bonbec

    osCommerce v4 demo

    it's true 😉
  2. Bonjour, Ici la langue est l'anglais, un message dans une autre langue a très peu de chance d'avoir une réponse. Il est impossible de s'inscrire sur le forum francophone oscommerce-fr.info à cause de la décision stupide des administrateurs (j'y suis encore modérateur mais pour ce qu'il s'y passe ...), donc il ne reste qu'ici pour poser les questions ... mais en anglais. https://translate.google.fr/ pourra être d'une grande aide 😉 Petit conseil en passant, il est judicieux d'indiquer quelle version tu utilises. Je vais partir du principe que c'est la dernière version de Phoenix, donc dans l'administration, il y a une icone représentant des outils croisés, tu cliques dessus puis tu choisis "infopage" ou "pages infos" selon ta traduction. Here the language is English, a message in another language has very little chance of being answered. It is impossible to register on the francophone forum oscommerce-fr.info because of the stupid decision of the administrators (I am still moderator there but for what is happening there ...), so there is only here to ask the questions ... but in English. https://translate.google.fr/ could be of great help 😉 A word of advice by the way, it is a good idea to indicate which version you are using. I'm going to assume that this is the latest version of Phoenix, so in the administration, there is an icon representing cross tools, you click on it and then you choose "infopage" or "pages info" according to your translation.
  3. @Fireflash Unfortunately JCM will not be able to help, he died of covid-19. https://forums.oscommerce.com/profile/152272-jcmagpie/?status=7635&type=status
  4. bonbec

    Unable to download apps

    Hello Doug, Work well for me.
  5. bonbec

    Thinking of Payment Gateway Integration: Choose ZaakPay

    Please indicate which version of OsCommerce or Phoenix you are using. If you have a recent version, replace TABLE_CONFIGURATION by CONFIGURATION TABLE_XXXXes no longer exist.
  6. bonbec

    Validate Customers

    Hide your admin url from the screenshot, everyone knows it now. This is a very big security risk for your site. We will have to change it now ...
  7. It was to tell you that you are not a general case. Thanks for coming out to play though too.
  8. Not really, no. If you have products with strong competition, the prices are already low, so doing promotions or discounts is shooting yourself in the foot. If we have products without competition, no need to do promotions or discounts. For the rest, it's to see ...
  9. The role of a moderator is very simple: ensure security, hunt spam and calm the spirits during inappropriate disputes. The moderators are all volunteers and do this in their spare time. If a post needs to be analyzed by a moderator, use the "report post" link in the offending message. The moderator will decide most of the cases alone. If it is a difficult case, the moderators discuss together before applying their decision. Please note: misuse of the "report post" is punishable. It is also punishable to throw oil on the fire to fuel a dispute. Morality: behave as a responsible adult and everything will be fine.
  10. Bravo for the reactivity, I would test this evening. Thank you.
  11. A little suggestion: There is a lot of hardcoded English language in the invoice.php file It would be nice if it was multi-language, right?
  12. bonbec

    Edge VS Frozen

    Frozen is now in Sunset Status with EOL slated for 31/12/2019. Phoenix is very innovative and goes far beyond all the different versions of OsCommerce and its forks. New features and optimizations are regularly available unlike Frozen which is at the end of life.
  13. According to the European law, the general conditions of sale applicable are those which are in force at the time of the sale. If the general conditions of sale have been modified after registration (I have clients registered for 13 years and my Terms have been modified to adapt to European laws 2 times since), how can he be aware if he don't have knowledge of it at the time of purchase? I know that the majority of customers do not read them, but officially they have to do it.
  14. bonbec

    Show PayPal fee in order total

    No Gwenn : Appelé le surcharging“, cette pratique est interdite par le code Monétaire et financier dans son article L 112-12. « Le bénéficiaire ne peut appliquer de frais pour l’utilisation d’un instrument de paiement donné. Il ne peut être dérogé à cette interdiction que dans des conditions définies par décret, pris après avis de l’Autorité de la concurrence, compte tenu de la nécessité d’encourager la concurrence et de favoriser l’utilisation de moyens de paiement efficaces ». In english : Called overcharging ", this practice is prohibited by the Monetary and Financial Code in its article L 112-12. "The beneficiary may not charge a fee for the use of a particular payment instrument. This prohibition can be waived only under conditions defined by decree, taken after the opinion of the Competition Authority, taking into account the need to encourage competition and promote the use of efficient means of payment. PS : On the other hand nothing forbids to grant a reduction with another means of payment ...