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  1. Module Builder by osCompose

    Hello Henry, Good idea, great job and very helpful! Bravo :-) I found a little thing to improve: taking into account the apostrophe in cm_language and bm_language. For example : const MODULE_BOXES_CAROUSSEL_DESCRIPTION = 'Permet l'affichage d'un caroussel avec photos, textes et liens'; l'affichage d'un ==> l\affichage d\'un
  2. Work fine in windows8.1 with the french version : - opera 52.0 - vivaldi 1.15.1147.42 - chrome 66.0.3359.181 - IE 11.0.9600 - FireFox 60.0.1 - Safari 5.1.7 Good work
  3. What would be nice, it would be to be able to choose the language at the launch of the installation of OsCommerce. The installation procedure then takes place in the chosen language and OsCommerce installed will also be in the same chosen language. In my opinion this requires a lot of work on the core. But that would be great. Like this we could have more users because everyone is not comfortable with the default English language.
  4. I am sorry Valqui, I don't use this addon but another for my modal cart on an EDGE version of 2017. This addon don't appears on the module section after install ?
  5. Website gone strange!

    @MrPhil The signature indicates an osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4 bootstrap version with the dresscode theme installed.
  6. I am one of those who already receive Burt addons. To be honest, I was skeptical at first because I paid for addons "mystery" since we do not know the addons in advance. Well I can tell you that I do not regret it! It's well coded, it's clean, efficient and when needed, Burt is really available. Sincerely thanks Burt!
  7. Editing CSS

    Sorry but the forum does not provide the after-sales service of templatemonster. All that concerns the modification of their templates is to ask them directly: their files are so modified that they are the only ones to be able to answer.
  8. Credit Class & Gift Vouchers for 2.3.4

    Hello, I don't know your version of CCGV but il you have this file admin/includes/functions/add_ccgvdc_application_top.php : line 79 find : for ($i=2001;$i<2019;$i++){ Replace by : for ($i=date("Y");$i<date("Y")+10;$i++){ Like this, no problems for the future ...
  9. @discxpress This addon for example : Product Questions for oscommerce 2.3 By Surya Praveen It's developed as an advanced option for Ask a Product Question contribution. Customers can ask a question about any product. Site administrator can answer the question and the published questions along with the answers are displaying in the product info page for that particular product. When a customer visits any products page he can see the prevoiusly asked questions and the answers for that product.
  10. Admin Comments on Order

    Hello Heather @Mort-lemur Take a look to this addon : https://apps.oscommerce.com/cWqDQ&customer-notes-infoaccount-01 With this addon, you can write in a customer account in the administration: - a visible message by the customer on his account (catalog/account.php) - a reminder message visible only by the administrator (admin/customer.php)
  11. tep_cfg_textarea( problem

    Ii Firefox, adding 'style="font-size: 11px;"' don't work for me. The fix for me is to add this to the admin/includes/stylesheet.css textarea { margin: 0; font: inherit; color: inherit; }
  12. Thanks @AngusD @Gergely All your suggestions work perfectly. Thanks too @kymation for the good explanations, I would sleep less stupid tonight. @burt You guess right :-) It is necessary to ensure compatibility with each modification of the PHP and if possible, anticipate it. For the while ... each changes I can do a list of the files to edit and how I did it but there could be some errors since I'm not a coder. I am just a craftsman who makes more than half of the products I sell. But if that can help (I'm not a fan of github).
  13. Hello, Thanks for this tread. I have a problem in the catalog/includes/functions/database.php with the function tep_db_perform The last while ... each is ok : // while (list($columns, $value) = each ($data)) { foreach($data as $columns => $value The middle while ... each is ok : // while (list(, $value) = each ($data)) { foreach($data as $value) { But for the first while ... each : I don't know how doing it. I try this but it's a mistake because the columns take the values, and of course, I have a beautiful 1064 sql error : // while (list($columns, ) = each ($data)) { foreach($data as $columns) { How to do this ? Thanks by advance.
  14. Display customer country in header

    You can use the tep_get_country_name function (take a look to the includes/functions/general.php).
  15. Great work guys It's very interesting. I think you can use "Treuepunkte" : this is the term used by a competitor on the German version of his site.