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  1. Apparently only the product pages are called, in the order of references for each category. The create account and contact pages are not used.
  2. On my current site (MS2.2, a site with PHOENIX is under construction to replace it), I have a curious problem: In whos_online.php, I noticed a basket with a good many hundred different items. So I looked in more detail and I had a surprise. Under the same session number, every 2 minutes or so, the ip changes but the basket remains the same. I have already counted a good fifty or so different IPs (Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Ukraine for those I watched). I erased the line of the session in the BDD. 2 minutes later, the same session number reappears and the IPs change again and again. On the other hand, the basket remains empty. I think the solution would be to block the session, but it could very well start again with a new session number. I do not know what is the purpose of this, but no spam goes through my site or the contact form. If anyone has an idea or an opinion?
  3. bonbec

    Quick way to create a maintenance page?

    Zahid's method works only if the server processes the html BEFORE php, which is not the case on my server. That would not work on my site. But I'm not sure it works when a product page is called directly.
  4. bonbec

    Quick way to create a maintenance page?

    Take a look to this app : https://apps.oscommerce.com/XTWqf&store-mode-bs
  5. Thank you Rainer. I had applied the fix by hand. I just reinstall PHOENIX and then I copied the 4 fix and I do not have the error anymore. I had to skip a line the first time. Sorry for the false alarm.
  6. Phoenix with the four fixs, when I go to admin/modules_content.php (php 7.2.0 and Mysql5.7.11) : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$contents' (T_VARIABLE) in C:\UwAmp\www\PHOENIX\admin\modules_content.php on line 358
  7. If you want SA and not South Australia, this is in the addon that you have to change the Autralia_Zones.sql file : Lines 49 to 59 : -- Add Australian states DELETE FROM zones; INSERT INTO zones (zone_id, zone_country_id, zone_code, zone_name) VALUES (1, 13, 'VIC', 'Victoria'), (2, 13, 'NSW', 'New South Wales'), (3, 13, 'QLD', 'Queensland'), (4, 13, 'SA', 'South Australia'), (5, 13, 'NT', 'Northern Territory'), (6, 13, 'TAS', 'Tasmania'), (7, 13, 'ACT', 'Australian Capital Territory'), (8, 13, 'WA', 'Western Australia'); to : -- Add Australian states DELETE FROM zones; INSERT INTO zones (zone_id, zone_country_id, zone_code, zone_name) VALUES (1, 13, 'VIC', 'VIC'), (2, 13, 'NSW', 'NSW'), (3, 13, 'QLD', 'QLD'), (4, 13, 'SA', 'SA'), (5, 13, 'NT', 'NT'), (6, 13, 'TAS', 'TAS'), (7, 13, 'ACT', 'ACT'), (8, 13, 'WA', 'WA');
  8. bonbec

    Osc BS Edge Product Info

    Zahid, I think we have to put ourselves in the customer's shoes instead of the computer scientist's shoes. I say that without any animosity, it's just my opinion. In your example of the first two articles (Apple Gala & Gold): - according to the computer scientist the first two articles are different so 2 different references. - according to the customer: the designations, photos and prices are identical, so there is duplicate and the customer will not go see both items to see the difference. Do not forget that slowing the choice of a customer can cause the sale to fail.
  9. bonbec

    Upgrading to the latest version

    I think you have OsCommerce MS2.2. To be sure, go to your administration => tools =>server info
  10. bonbec

    Basic Site Install Required

    True, a spammer with a hidden link was banned here yesterday.
  11. An interesting reading: https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2019/07/a-note-on-unsupported-rules-in-robotstxt.html
  12. bonbec

    Categories different rows

    If you use Firefox, install the addon web developper, you can place external lines to all your images. See the screenshot. Your pictures are perfect, nothing to say. This is the text under the photos pictures that does not have the same length: 1, 2 or 3 lines, which is what causes the display to be defective.
  13. Take a look to this thread : https://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/399678-234normal-to-234responsive-database-conversion-script/
  14. True. But if you have a form allowing the customization of a product, it is also part of the hackers' targets ...
  15. bonbec

    Confusion over osC Versions.

    +1 Done too