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  1. The author of this addon is deceased (see his profile), so he can no longer answer questions. The answer to your question can be found in the description of the addon that 14steve14 has linked to. I quote : Simply copy all files into relevant sections and go to admin modules / Navbar Modules and install.
  2. @Pickle https://forums.oscommerce.com/profile/152272-jcmagpie/?status=7635&type=status
  3. bonbec

    Unable to download apps

    Hello Doug, Work well for me.
  4. bonbec

    Thinking of Payment Gateway Integration: Choose ZaakPay

    Please indicate which version of OsCommerce or Phoenix you are using. If you have a recent version, replace TABLE_CONFIGURATION by CONFIGURATION TABLE_XXXXes no longer exist.
  5. bonbec

    Validate Customers

    Hide your admin url from the screenshot, everyone knows it now. This is a very big security risk for your site. We will have to change it now ...
  6. It was to tell you that you are not a general case. Thanks for coming out to play though too.
  7. Not really, no. If you have products with strong competition, the prices are already low, so doing promotions or discounts is shooting yourself in the foot. If we have products without competition, no need to do promotions or discounts. For the rest, it's to see ...
  8. admin : admin\includes\classes\currencies.php catalog : includes\system\versioned\\currencies.php
  9. I can't moderate, PM sent @valquiria23
  10. The role of a moderator is very simple: ensure security, hunt spam and calm the spirits during inappropriate disputes. The moderators are all volunteers and do this in their spare time. If a post needs to be analyzed by a moderator, use the "report post" link in the offending message. The moderator will decide most of the cases alone. If it is a difficult case, the moderators discuss together before applying their decision. Please note: misuse of the "report post" is punishable. It is also punishable to throw oil on the fire to fuel a dispute. Morality: behave as a responsible adult and everything will be fine.
  11. Bravo for the reactivity, I would test this evening. Thank you.
  12. A little suggestion: There is a lot of hardcoded English language in the invoice.php file It would be nice if it was multi-language, right?
  13. You have to see the Phoenix core code as a skeleton that you dress with the muscles (add-ons) you need. If you are a footballer, you will add leg muscles. If you are a table tennis player, you will add the arm muscles. If you are a basketball player, you will add both.
  14. There is a file database_tables.php in catalog and another in admin. Are you sure you have placed the define in the correct database_tables.php? Il y a un fichier database_tables.php dans catalog et un autre dans admin. Es-tu sûr d'avoir placé le define dans le bon database_tables.php ?
  15. It is true, it is impossible to register on the French forum because of a security code bug. C'est vrai, il est impossible de s'inscrire sur le forum français à cause d'un bug du code de sécurité. If you want help here, write in English (google translator can be your friend) . Si tu veux de l'aide ici, il faut écrire en anglais (google translator peut être ton ami).