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  1. @discxpress This addon for example : Product Questions for oscommerce 2.3 By Surya Praveen It's developed as an advanced option for Ask a Product Question contribution. Customers can ask a question about any product. Site administrator can answer the question and the published questions along with the answers are displaying in the product info page for that particular product. When a customer visits any products page he can see the prevoiusly asked questions and the answers for that product.
  2. Hello Heather @Mort-lemur Take a look to this addon : With this addon, you can write in a customer account in the administration: - a visible message by the customer on his account (catalog/account.php) - a reminder message visible only by the administrator (admin/customer.php)
  3. Ii Firefox, adding 'style="font-size: 11px;"' don't work for me. The fix for me is to add this to the admin/includes/stylesheet.css textarea { margin: 0; font: inherit; color: inherit; }
  4. Thanks @AngusD @Gergely All your suggestions work perfectly. Thanks too @kymation for the good explanations, I would sleep less stupid tonight. @burt You guess right :-) It is necessary to ensure compatibility with each modification of the PHP and if possible, anticipate it. For the while ... each changes I can do a list of the files to edit and how I did it but there could be some errors since I'm not a coder. I am just a craftsman who makes more than half of the products I sell. But if that can help (I'm not a fan of github).
  5. Hello, Thanks for this tread. I have a problem in the catalog/includes/functions/database.php with the function tep_db_perform The last while ... each is ok : // while (list($columns, $value) = each ($data)) { foreach($data as $columns => $value The middle while ... each is ok : // while (list(, $value) = each ($data)) { foreach($data as $value) { But for the first while ... each : I don't know how doing it. I try this but it's a mistake because the columns take the values, and of course, I have a beautiful 1064 sql error : // while (list($columns, ) = each ($data)) { foreach($data as $columns) { How to do this ? Thanks by advance.
  6. You can use the tep_get_country_name function (take a look to the includes/functions/general.php).
  7. Great work guys It's very interesting. I think you can use "Treuepunkte" : this is the term used by a competitor on the German version of his site.
  9. Hello, In my test site, I use this : Find here (last exemple of the page) :
  10. Hello, Here we can look at live oscommerce sites : But ... how to report bad sites made with magento, weebly, yahoo and so on ?
  11. Try to delete your cookies.
  12. @Harald Ponce de Leon There is a small bug in the follow mail in text mode. The link to click to read the forum post contains one & And this gives this error message on the forum: If I transform the & amp; In & I have the forum post. ps : The html mail is right.
  13. +1 (FRANCE)
  14. @zwayne if your Osc2.2 work with php 5.6, you can read this : In this page in the "release history", you can see all the different versions of OsCommerce. Osc2.2 is really a very old version ... The 2.4 version is a beta version, but there is a community version 2.3.4 BS witch is a responsive version with php7 : Thanks to all the contributors for this responsive version.
  15. @Richard 10100 I use uWamp with my windows 8.1