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    add Fixed fee per item

    Chris is right! I have done this in both oscommerce and zencart. Same ideas that applies to your case. Small changes needed.
  2. oscexp

    Change the starting order number

    using the code below to do it insert into orders set orders_id = 1001; delete from orders where orders_id = 1001; run it in phpmyadmin Then, place a new order and check the latest orders id, I guess it's 1002 now. Good luck, budddy!
  3. oscexp

    SPPC - attributes now not showing up

    any link to show the live case?
  4. oscexp

    Tax and Total not showing up

    if you have set up shipping address based taxes, shipping address is not there may cause this problem
  5. oscexp

    COD problem

    language files missed...easy problem
  6. oscexp

    Newbie:How to add UPS shipping module?

    /catalog/admin/categories.php /catalog/admin/includes/languages/english/categories.php these two files need modified for the add-ons...better use merge tools, like winmerge
  7. oscexp

    Removing weight in checkout areas

    hmm it was stored in database side for new orders, I have an easy way to remove it from your shipping module title... for old orders...I have really no idea! it's too troublesome...but it must be stored in a table named as "orders_total"..try to search from there....
  8. oscexp

    content_type and downloads

    oh, sorry... it's of zencart system... in osc, you can find it from site_root/catalog/checkout_shipping.php in the header section, you can find out what you need...if you still have questions, please leave me PM...I can help you on this anyway...
  9. oscexp

    content_type and downloads

    obviously, your cart has a logic error...it should be mixed...you can fix this in the file below: includes/modules/pages/checkout_shipping/header_php.php it depends on you how to treat the order...but customization is inevitable... enjoy...!
  10. USPS don't know what method is best for your products. But you can filter the result so that customers don't have to choose that shipping method...this means you have to develop your own shipping policy for different products...and then get a coder to implement your idea... That's all...
  11. oscexp

    Coupon Redeem Error

    Poor guy...you were killed by the oscIDs...it's a session link...if you lost this linkage ID, then you are kicked out of shopping cart.... You have to used tep_link(redeem) instead of <a href="">redeem</a>...understand?
  12. oscexp

    Problem with Discount Coupon Contribution

    Hi, Jack! Perhaps you have met the same problem like Avec...check the post here... http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=287700 If you still have problem...try to get me...it should not be a serious problem...
  13. oscexp

    Any Oscom Gurus ?

    aha...there's no contributions on the HTML jobs in fact...usually, it's just couples of lines of code...you can make it if you understand how it's working... If you are running a commercial website or intent to do so...send me Private Message, I can offer hourly based coding service...easy job...
  14. Interesting ideas...! there are two ways to get this job done: 1. semi-automatic You can place an order to your Supplier, when he confirm this order, then you stock level will be updated as you wanted This is the most practical way by far....but only in case your order is worthy such review by your supplier, or else it will not work well... defect is not real time... 2. automatic If you know the interface of your supplier's website, you can then add an PO to that website, and then it will send back the result...we call it webservice....however, osc stores usually don't support such ways...that's purely XML jobs...and this is not practical by far. Then the first one is more reasonable...what's your suggestion? BTW, I am an OSC developer with more than 2 years experience sincer 2005...keep in contact, okie?
  15. oscexp

    need to make an auto mail!

    Hmm...birthday contribution should work...but it's easy to send them emails by setting up cronjobs on linux server which will check if a birthday is coming and send out email accordingly...
  16. oscexp

    CCGV Problems

    Hehe, I bet 10$ you haven't config in admin panel where CCGV should be enabled...in fact this should be easy if you have installed correctly, but many people forget to config in admin side.... Try: Admin->Modules->Order Total->CCGV set a proper sort order for it...then it will run
  17. oscexp

    Any Oscom Gurus ?

    Hi, there! This is possbile by using javascript to trigger a form submit action or go to a URL and get the product removed... But radio buttion is used for "Selected", that means this is unusual to vistors....they got confused... A better choice is to add a Remove Link (like ICON link) and get the job done accordingly... Any more questions?