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  1. I guess that's a no then. Thanks Google, for really letting me down.
  2. Is Google Checkout dead? Support from Google on this matter is atrocious. No support whatsoever for 2.3?
  3. I've been trying weeks to get this contrib to work but had no luck. I keep getting 'Table Missing' missing errors in Admin despite the database clearly having these. It's so frustrating because it's taken me around 3-5 hours each time to bloody install it and each time I've ended up reverting back to my original setup. Is there any other contributions that do the same as this, except they work?
  4. DazJ

    Column Banner Advertisement

    Never mind, I fixed this. But how do we stop the Ad appearing at the top of the column everytime despite coding it to appear elsewhere?
  5. DazJ

    Column Banner Advertisement

    Can somebody please copy and paste the code that is in their Ads.csv file because I'm pretty sure this is where I'm going wrong. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  6. DazJ

    Durango Merchant Service

    Durango are apparently really good and I'm seriously considering signing up with them: Every 7th day payout. £150 setup fee which can be paid out of profits from account. £20 a month fee £0.20p per transaction. But yes, I'm also looking for a payment module for Durango... Any suggestions?