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  1. GrimmSpeed

    Fedex module low quote

    Bump! We fixed international expedited pricing with a new module but ground is still quoting low. Any recommendations? Mike
  2. GrimmSpeed

    Fedex module low quote

  3. GrimmSpeed

    Fedex module low quote

    Hello, We've noticed our fedex shipping module is only charging customers about half of what they should be for international orders. Domestic rates are fine but international is really hurting us. Has anyone else experienced this problem or is anyone aware of a fix? Thank you, Mike
  4. GrimmSpeed

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    ok so i added this yesterday(newest version) and ive read the whole thread and i the only thing i get is a blank white box. for some reason my specials are not going in the box(i have 2 current specials). also, when i go to the rotator admin section and click to add a new product to the rotator, the button does nothing. any help would be appreciated. thank you! Justin