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    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    First off, just wanted to thank you for your efforts to make attributes not as much of a nightmare. My problem is this, I have the latest AJAX manager installed (2.5beta), and I have sorting turned on (or else attributes don't work). The bug I've found is that if you use the gray box below the manager to add a new Option>Value>Prefix>Price>Sort line, and you try to add a new "Option" by hitting the green + image, and put in a name like "Test Option" and leave the sort order dropdown as the default of "1", it adds the option with a name of "1". In other words, it somehow confuses the name of the option with the value in the sort order dropdown. I have to manually go to the attributes page and edit the name back to what it should be. I would think this is a bug. Any suggestions?