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  1. This contribute is fantasic, but i see of the DEMO page it is not working on Firefox 2.0.8 it for only in IE. In Firefox i see a white screen.

    Have you find the Problem for Firefox?


    Or can you make it so, if not load Javascript saw a Jpg Picture at this point. than is not a white page on this point.

    i have same problem..

    carousel menu working fine with ie & chrome..

    but in firefox just can see produce name and price ,image not show?

  2. Hello I had the same problem as katalin, for me it worked to remove some of the products with special characters seems like " and & where messing with the program, while ' - and # work with out a problem (on mozilla havent checked IE)


    it would be nice if special characters could be allowed, cause a lot of you products include ampersands and quotation marks.


    but can't complain this is a great mod, it really livened op my shop!!

    i try to open old version kampanya.fla delet line System.useCodepage = true;

    and in rotator.php set $image_need_resize = 0; all the items show...(if set 1 all pics blank :blink: )????


    i can't open v2.0d kampanya.fla ...this file is bad...