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  1. Can anyone assist it seems the million dollar question?
  2. Ok had installed the zones module in shipping. I then got an error when checking out. so I uninstalled zones via admin area. it has now gone completely! Any ideas on how to retrieve it? I am surprised there isn't an easier way to do this.
  3. Question if I have 2 zones Uk and Rest of the World Is there away to set free shipping on total order over £180 for Uk only?
  4. I am looking for something similar got 3 clients wanting this. Very standard in the uk :o) UK £6 for orders upto £180 then free Rest of Europe £15 and remove VAT Tax. Would be good to find a standard solution
  5. cocoonfx

    Reset Customers Password v2.3.3

    Hi Guys Thanks for your reply. The add on mentioned above do work in v2.3.3. I was being blind.
  6. cocoonfx

    Reset Customers Password v2.3.3

    Hi Germ Thanks for your reply, it would make oscommerce a lot better if it had this option as standard :o) I have had a look at password master but I don't think it's capable with 2.3.3 . I couldn't find the code it said to change so I moved on.
  7. Hi I can not find anywhere in 2.3.3 to change the customers password via the admin panel only. Can anyone point me in the direction on how to do this? Also is there a way to select what is a new product?
  8. frustrated with 3.x .... wish he never downloaded it....