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  1. Well....it works allmost great. I've got the following error: The solution to this problem seems to be: "Ciraklizer" means to say: 1. open catalog/links.php 2. replace all "xor" by "or". (there are about five of them) 3. Save the changed file in catalog/links.php Now the links manager really works. Vincent
  2. Duhhhhhhhhhh.... Noob alert. This morning I checked the previous page. Couldn't find anything usefull. I decided to run the SQL code again. I went looking for the code to insert in SQL, which I presumed was "Add Links Manager ToConfig.sql" I just stumbled upon the FILE "Add Links Manager ToConfig.sql" in the contribution files... I accidently was trying to run the sentence "Add Links Manager ToConfig.sql" in SQL, instead of running the sql file.... It works great now. /end noob alert
  3. Installed and modified all files according to description. (v1.5) Gives me the following error: Because of this error, I've got no links page in my admin-configuration. Opening the links page on my site gives the following error: See the error for yourself on http://www.rcplans.nl/catalog/links.php (live shop) Who knows a solution? Vincent