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  1. justedee

    .htpassword Generator

    What would you suggest? Then what would you suggest until I stop buying forumal and diapers and can actually afford something good? Ok that is a lot more clear. Finally I understand why! I use FTP commander, yup it was free! I'm still not clear on what I have to do. I looked at my help files in my ftp, but it does't say anything about changing permissions. Is this something where I have to rename a file or actaully go into a file and change something. Thank you so much for your help. ~eDee
  2. I will get this! 1) I need to change the chmod to 644. I have NO idea how to do this, where to go to do this, or ever where to begin. I am sure there is a bit of code with a "/" where I just type 644 into it, but I don't have any idea where to begin to look. 2) I am trying to install the htpassword Generator contrubution and I am so stuck. I don't know how to open .htaccess. Frontpage won't. I can view it in Admin, but I'm not sure if I can make the changes there. I think I know how to change /you/server/path/.htpasswd line. I just go to admin/tools/File Manager and copy the code under File Manager, right? 3) Also, there is code I am told to copy into .htaccess, again I can't open it in anything. Can I then go into admin/tools/File Manager/.htaccess and just paste the info there. 4) Then it reads: Then make a file called .htpasswd. Below is the text you need to enter into your .htpasswd file, then upload the file to the directory you specified in the .htaccess file! Does that mean upload the file to "/you/server/path/"? (which I find in file manager under the word file manager?) Oh someone just shot me! Am I just over thinking all this? I am very new to programming, I'm trying to keep up. Please speak in very small words! lOl ~e (PS also 7 month pregnant and moody) :'( I love my avatar, (I love Fry) but you don’t know how accurately that image describes me! :blink:
  3. justedee

    Panic mode with Contributions.

    this posted twice :'( so I just deleted the second post. ~eDee
  4. justedee

    Panic mode with Contributions.

    Oh yes it helped. I'm deleting all the files now! lOl I thought you only had to go through all that line by line editing if you had other contibutions. I thought if this was the first one, then you could just upload the files and be on your way. If I try editing all those files, I'll do something that will drop my store into a tail spin. I thought this statement meant I only had to copy the files over unless I had other contrubutions. 4) The modifications in other files need to be merged with your current files. If you have a clean osCommerce install, you can just copy all the files over your catalog. If you have already installed other contributions, you can use a comparison program or make the changes manually. It's me I should have assumed there would be a lot of code editing. I guess I could just copy and paste it in, but I'm a wimp. LOL Thank you for your help. Do you happen to know anything about the htpassword Generator? ~eDee
  5. justedee

    Panic mode with Contributions.

    Let me see if I got this. I put sts.php in the catalog\includes\classes\ directory I put sts.php in the catalog\includes\functions\ directory I copied the sts folder into the catalog\includes\languages\english\modules\ directory I copied the sts and the sts_inc folders into the catalog\includes\modules\ directory I copied the sts_templates folder into catalog\includes\ I think that is correct, however, it isn't working. When I open the admin I don't see STS like the directions read. Did I miss something? ~e
  6. Hi again! STSv4.5 installation The instructions read: 3) Copy all the new files to your store: - catalog\includes\classes\sts.php - catalog\includes\functions\sts.php - catalog\includes\languages\english\modules\sts folder - catalog\includes\modules\sts folder - catalog\includes\modules\sts_inc folder - catalog\includes\sts_templates: all files Do I: copy the sts.php file into the classes file Or do I replace the entire classes file completely with the new classes folder. That goes for the rest of them. For example, do I copy the folder sts_folder into modules or just the files within the folder? sts_templates: all files, pretty much the same question do I copy the folder into includes or do I just copy the files into includes? I know, I’m probably just over thinking the whole thing, but I REALLY want to get the right the first time. Thank you, ~eDee