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    I went through all the steps. I am having a problem with the change to catalog/product_info.php. It seems to be when I add the code about line 220. When I add it, I get an error every time I click on a product at my store. It says there is a > on line 409. One try, I manage to take out the > that was the right one, then there was an error that a $ was located at about line 440. Any ideas? I was able to delete that code before line 220 and my site works again. However, the contribution does not work.
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    Buy Now Button Integration for Google

    Ok. I can't seem to get rid of the error message for the Googlecheckout module. It installs, and when I hit "edit" I get a fatal error. I have been trying to look for the answer on here, but can't seem to find the right solution. If anyone can help with that, let me know. For now, I have given up and would like to just use the Buy Now button. Again, there is a problem. I figured I would place it in the description box for the product. Unfortunately, doing this is placing a form inside a form and the button ends up adding the product to the osCommerce cart. Anybody have any ideas or solutions to get around this? Thanks for any help. erik