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  1. bammedia

    zone rates

    That worked great...Thanks alot for the help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. bammedia

    zone rates

    i donot see an option for anything in zone rates. There is the option when using the table rates and I have that set up. Shipping rates to Zone 1 destinations based on a group of maximum order weights. Example: 3:8.50,7:10.50,... Weights less than or equal to 3 would cost 8.50 for Zone 1 destinations. this is what i have to workwith in the admin area, i have tried to set prices... 29.95:8.95,49.95:7.50,99.95:4.50,149.95:2.50 for example but this does not work and it seems to just default to wieghts
  3. bammedia

    zone rates

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody knows how to use zone rates with prices instead of weight. Thanks.