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  1. I have a HEAVILY modified version of OSC and my hosting provider just upgraded to PHP5 and MySQL5. I installed this contribution and everything worked except some of these session errors. I just tried a litle experiment that seemed to work so far. I just used the session.php files (catalog and admin) from the 2.2rc2a download (along with what was already installed from this contribution) and everything looks good. Hope this helps someone else.
  2. GORF

    One quick and simple paypal question

    No, customers do not have to sign up for a Paypal account any more. There is an option in your Paypal configuration (paypal.com not the oscommerce config) to allow quick checkout.
  3. Virginia, First set all shipping methods to False except UPS. Then try some sample orders to see what the rates are. Make sure all items have a weight set - if not, this will cause an error in the shipping module. I really cannot make any sugestions for international shipping :( It looks like you are in the contintal US - I would focus your sales there first :thumbsup:
  4. New2allThis is looking for UPS rates, not table based rates. Go to Admin->Modules->Shipping->UPS and install. As long as you have product weights, the UPS module will (roughly) calculate the shipping cost to the customer's Zip Code. As-is, the UPS module's rate table is pretty close; you may want to compare the store shipping rates with the UPS web site to see how close they are.
  5. This contribution Download Controller has a Free Shipping module in it. It can be used with the UPS (or another) module. It works on the basis of if weight = 0, then free, else other installed module(s).
  6. GORF

    Categories images

    Admin - Configuration - Images - Image Required = False :D
  7. GORF

    Categories images

    You need to edit the entry in the categories table using, say, PHPMyAdmin. The field categories_image holds the image name - delete it for the category in question.
  8. GORF

    Php in product description

    Not in the input text field in Admin :'( The database field will hold the code, but it doesn't parse correctly - the framework around displaying that field's data is not meant to re-parse PHP, only render text/HTML. I tried that a long time ago. One of my sites sells domains and hosting. I used a Domain Search contribution from here. It is coded in PHP and I thought I could squeeze the functionality into the description - no go. I tried this with a photo gallery script also. The "solution" I came up with for the domains was to make a new PHP page (as per the instructions) and, instead of a hard-coded link somewhere, I put a meta-refresh HTML tag in the product description field with a delay of zero. Not sure what you are trying to accomplish...HTH
  9. GORF

    Shipping Problems

    With USPS, you need to call the 800 number in the email and have them switch you live. Tell them the module is already integrated into your cart program.
  10. GORF

    Please, please, please........

    I think this screams "Contribution Guidelines" :D
  11. The basic install of osC has that built in, but there is a drawback to it. It uses the same image for the thumbnail and the large popup image. If you use a 400 X 400 image for the product, osC will resise (but not save) it to display as the thumbnail - the popup will display full size. You seem to be uploading small images to suite the needs of the thumbnail displayed for the product - therefore, the popup is small. If you use small images - you get what you have. If you use large images - osC takes some time to render them as thumbnails, thus slowing page load time. There are some contributions to help with this. Some let you add thumb and large images to each product. Some auto-generate (and save) thumbs when you use a large image only. Search the contributions and find one that you feel comfortable installing and using. :D
  12. GORF

    Details "Payment for" info in Paypal's order

    This is because the basic PayPal module sends 1 dollar amount (total) for 1 item (1 purchase) from your store to PayPal - 1 payment to Store XYZ for $123.45. Therefore, no product details are viewable in the PayPal history. You, as the admin, and the customer can see the order details in the osC store. There is a contribution for osC that utilizes PayPal's cart in conjunction with the store's cart.
  13. :D http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...=0entry442550
  14. GORF

    "Real" credit card processing company -recommend?

    And this is not considred a commercial post?