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  1. Hi, I have been uploading pics of my products into catalog but they always come crushed up and mangled. Is there a way I can increase borders of image boxes? If someone could guide me where I can do this I would appreciate this, John
  2. jck2003

    Thumbnail Pictures in Catalog

    Can I edit this with Dreamweaver?
  3. jck2003

    Template Installation

    Hi, I am just wondering how I can implement a template into my oscommerce site. What do I have to edit within the oscommerce package to have it as the interface? I have already downloaded the template file onto my pc but I am unsure how to upload it onto my site. All help is very much appreciated, John
  4. jck2003

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Hey, I have just recently tried to install this The Basics Design Pack. I have uploaded it in the Catlog folder in the file manager and it has been unzipped but fails to do anything to enhance the site. Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  5. jck2003

    Template Installation

    np. Thanks very much for advice. :)
  6. jck2003

    Template Installation

    Really need help with this guys. Will do anything I can in return for advice on this major issue :'(