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    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    Robert Here is my report on testing your USU 5 Pro beta. 1. As instructed I installed a fresh osCommerce RC2a in an unused catalog directory on our web server (which runs our live shop in the root directory). I did the uploads in your "2 minute install" and got it all working with the sample shop - the settings on the new test database I had created auto-installed correctly. 2. To see if it would work in a live environment I deleted all the test database catalog, product & manufacturer entries and copied the db structure and entries from our live shop. This is fairly big with 26 catalogs, 4000+ products and 1000+ manufacturers. I edited each of the 8 Drop on Top files in your installation to cater for any other contributions which have modified them in our live shop. This was a fairly long process to check, but finally I got it all working, with only some display glitches. 3. So I then took courage in hand - ignoring your advice not to put the beta on a live shop - and repeated the process with our operational site (after backing up the database and all files, and temporarily disabling the site for visitors). I used the 8 Drop on Top files as modified above to work with other contributions on the test site in step 2. I had some trouble getting your database changes to auto-install, I think because the live shop is in the root directory and our "admin" directory is renamed for security reasons. After fiddling with this it finally installed OK. There was a lot of tidying up to do - but it has now been working well operationally for more than a week, with all other contributions. I particularly like the ability to modify the components of the SEO urls from admin. Now I am waiting to see how Google reacts to the newly configured urls, which I have uploaded in XML sitemaps - robots have been crawling but none yet indexed. 4. There are some important features I have not tested because I don't need them - particularly language support, reviews and attributes. The main other addons I have got it working with are: Product Extra Fields, PayPal, Header Tags SEO, Sam's Product Listing Enhancements, Sitemap SEO, All Products and Google XML SEO. You can see it working at www.abbeybook.com - if anybody notices any faults I would much appreciate a tip-off so I can fix them. Thank you for a very well constructed beta, which on the basis of my experience and that reported separately by John Francis, is ready to be launched as a fully operational contribution. Obviously it needs much more detailed instructions for the general user, particularly on how to modify the files which are Drop on Top in the beta, so that other contributions will operate OK. Please continue your good work on this. John
  2. acropolis

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    Robert I would like to contribute to your beta test of USU 5 Pro if it is still underway. I am using the latest version of Chemo's contribution as modified by Jack (2.2d-10), with my own modifications to the way product urls are formed. I like the look of the new feature you advertise of multiple choice for that, and would like to experiment with it and give you feedback. So please send me the install package - unless beta testing is complete and I should wait for the full release. Thanks John Adye www.abbeybook.com
  3. Spooks Thank you for another wonderful contribution - I have previously used your security guidance to very good effect. Product Listing Enhancements is working well on our website www.abbeybook.com Ideally would like to have an additional sorting option, so customers can list our old books in order of publication date. But this is contained in one of our Extra Fields. Is it possible to add some code to enable sorting on an extra field? To do so, would we need to enable display of extra fields in admin? Thanks again for your help.
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