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  1. sofaking

    Newbie question - is SagePay an addon?

    It was an add on when I installed mine..... .... Although it is just a case of copying the files over to your server then setting up your sage pay details from the oscommerce admin panel
  2. sofaking

    Protx processed but order lost in osCommerce

    lol....I suspect form too!! I have no idea whether or not the redirect contribution fixes this - or creates this problem.... Or if it has nothing to do with it at all...... If you don't use authorise and authenticate....I think 1.16 is yor best bet.
  3. sofaking

    Protx VSPForm

    I'd probably say try it "without" the added redirection....see what that does for mankind in general! Cheers, Michael www.sofaking.org.uk
  4. sofaking

    protx form - confirmation email Basket wrong

    Should your total not add up in 1)subtotal 2)tax 3)shipping 4)total Just a thought that shipping technically shouldn't be taxed On your first pic shipping row the tax section is completely blank, where as on the second it is marked as ----- Mine are always marked up as ----
  5. sofaking

    protx form - confirmation email Basket wrong

    oh....and is it the OSC confirmation email......or Protx? Cheers, Michael www.sofaking.org.uk
  6. sofaking

    protx form - confirmation email Basket wrong

    Is it always Line 2? or always the Ecowar product? Cheers, Michael www.sofaking.org.uk
  7. Have you attempted to run a decrypt through?? In the URL there should be a part that reads "Status= what does it say there? if it is OK, AUTHENTICATED or REGISTERED then it should pass onto the succes page of your site. If it says ANYTHING else then it will be marked as FAILED. The one thing you might want to try and change the Staus !== to Status != is on line 249 if ($Status !== true) { to if ($Status != true) { see if that helps any
  8. sofaking

    Customers Sent Back To Card Details Screen

    check in the protx transaction details section of what success url and failure urls they have there too. I have also noticed that there is a re-direct contibution been added recently but it will all depend on whether you are using Protx Direct or Form
  9. sofaking

    Protx VSPForm

    What version of the form are you using? Have you tried to impliment the other re-direct contribution too?? Cheers, Michael. www.sofaking.org.uk
  10. sofaking

    Protx Form error

    There is a line somewhere in you code that will look like $plain = "VendorTxCode="................................................... You can change what is after that part
  11. sofaking

    PROTX Form and 3d-secure

    Hi Nafri, Email protx support as they have had a few problems when the system got updated......in the mean time install the previous version....V1.16 - 2nd Aug. This still uses the PREAUTH codes that protx are allowing vendors to use until 1st Sept. At least this way you will still be able to take payments without any issues. With V1.12-V1.17 there is no need to uninstall the previous version. (I know the instuctions said so, but this code was a small update and not a mojor one) Just replace the protx_form.php file that is in catalog\includes\modules\payments with the one from the zip file. This will save you a bit of time at least. If you find that is was indeed protx that had not setup AUTHENTICATE AND AUTHORISE on your account properly, you can just copy over the same file from V1.17 again to update it. If that doen't work, post a message backup again, Cheers, Michael.
  12. sofaking

    PROTX Form and 3d-secure

    added new version to contributions http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,441
  13. sofaking

    Protx Form - Authenticate and Authorise problem

    added to contributions http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,441
  14. sofaking

    Protx Form - Authenticate and Authorise problem

    Ah well, no-one else must want it!! :D Think I'll add it as a contribution and it can get fixed later then
  15. sofaking

    Protx Form - Authenticate and Authorise problem

    Cheers gizm0man, Not that I don't doubt you, but I'm going to wait till a couple more have tested it to make sure, :thumbsup: I don't want to be adding a contribution that needs fixed 10mins after I've put it up :P Here's hoping eh!! Michael