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  1. Have you done the last step as mentioned on page 90, ie, insert a record into the configuration_group table?




    if i set configuration_group_id as '1' then it shows up in the main store configuration table on the admin side, anything else and it doesnt work... ie: 6


    It is my understanding that it should select this extra group from the database attached a name to it and display it separately in the configuration tab on the admin side... seems so simple yet it wont happen for some reason.




    Thanks for all your help so far, it is atleast usable at the moment.

  2. It seems you are one of the unlucky few who encounter this problem, ie, somehow something preventing seo urls from installing/inserting the configuration records automatically. Take a look at page 90, I posted the sql script that you can import/run in phpMyAdmin manually.





    Thanks mate, this got the configuration values into my Mysql database... and everything is working... ie.. i can set different options and enable/disable.


    however it still doesnt show up in the configuration option on admin panel ??


    Any ideas?

  3. Hi everyone, i am having some trouble with my OSC installation.


    I have followed all the correct steps to install this, i am running this on my own server running IIS 5.1, PHP5, MYSQL, and rewrite rules done by ISAPI Rewrite (they work brilliantly)


    I have installed this contribution and the URLS are now SEO friendly, everything on the catalog side of things looks to be perfect, however when i got to the administration panel i find nothing in the configuration menu for SEO urls.


    I have looked in the database and found nothing in 'configuration' that wasnt there before.

    I have tried both the 2.1c and 2.1d contributions and all of the fixes for them but still find myself without a menu in the administration panel for some odd reason, i have looked through the forums extensively and found a few posts regarding this but nothing posted has solved my problem.


    i am just wondering if anyone can please help me...