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  1. thekingfisher

    Authorize Just Stopped Working

    A similar thing has happened with my store. I had to make some patches after some server mods a few weeks ago and everything was working fine but now after a few weeks, and no more changes, the orders process without any error but the payment method on the order page in the admin section reads "Credit Class Error" and when I uninstall the Credit Class Error module the payment method reads "Authorize.net AIM" but there is no record of the transaction on Authorize.net. It just stopped working for no apparent reason.
  2. thekingfisher

    Receiving a "general error" although payments are procssing

    Do you get any errors in test mode? When you look at the transaction details in A.net are there any errors shown there? I've had transactions that went through but still had an error showing on A.net that were helpful in locating problems.
  3. thekingfisher

    Authorize.net and Coupons Not working

    OK. I did fix this and I'm posting the fix for anyone else who runs into this problem. First let me say that this is not the way I normally fix something like this but after countless hours of voiding sales on Authorize.net and jacking the code around I got sick of it and fixed it this way. First on checkout_confirmation.php around line 288(I have some contributions installed so yours may be different): After: if (MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_INSTALLED) { $order_total_modules->process(); echo $order_total_modules->output(); Add: $_SESSION['mytotal']= $order->info['total']; Then on authorizenet_aim.php around line 244: Change: x_amount => number_format($order->info['total'], 2), To: x_amount => $_SESSION['mytotal'], If anybody sees an issue with this fix I'd like to hear it but we've tested it and it seems to work fine.
  4. thekingfisher

    Authorixe.net Problem

    Have you made any changes to the checkout process? Contributions? If not you could try to replace the checkout_process.php page. I'd even back up a modded page and drop in a clean version of the page to see what happens.
  5. thekingfisher

    Authorize.net and Coupons Not working

    Hello All, For some reason I can't get A.net to work with coupons. On all of the checkout pages the order total is being calculated correctly, the customer email has the correct discounted total, the order record as viewed in the admin area has the correct total, but A.net charges the full "undiscounted" amount. I've seen a few people ask about something similar but have never seen any answers or solutions. Any ideas?
  6. Hello peeps. A friend alerted me tonight that the old AIM module was not processing discount coupons on their site. At that point I realized that his AIM module should be updated to the new one despite the fact that the old one was still processing transactions with Authorize.net. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be possible with the SSL switch at Authorize.net but whatever. Soooooooo. I uploaded the new AIM module - Authorize.Net AIM (PCI DSS SSL V3) - and set it up in the admin area but when I try to check out there aren't any form elements whatsoever on the payment page for that module. I created a language file and that's all that appears for the new module, the text I set for the module in the language file. Does the new module require him to be using RC2a? We set his site up a few years ago so I know it's the previous version. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  7. I got everything working now except that I don't have a check box on the payment page to use gift certificate funds for payment. Is this something that I missed? I'm looking for it but if someone can confirm that this is something that I missed/messed up as opposed to a bug it would be helpful. Thanks, Tim
  8. Howdy, I'm having some problems with CCGV(5.19). I can get the checkout_payment.php page to process and apply coupons/vouchers and I can get it to process credit cards BUT I can't get it to do both at the same time. Basically if I modify checkout_payment.php and checkout_confirmation.php to process the coupons/vouchers then when you enter a credit card and click continue it just goes back to the checkout_payment.php page and never to checkout_confirmation.php. HOWEVER, and don't ask me how I figured this out, if I ftp an older version of checkout_confirmation.php up after I've redeemed a coupon then click continue I can go to checkout_confirmation.php BUT if I then go to place another order it won't redeem coupons/vouchers. Any idea what I might have messed up? I'm using the Authorize.net AIM module and also have Points and Rewards installed. Thanks for any help.
  9. thekingfisher

    Need Some Help

    OK, now I got the coupons to show up on the checkout_payment.php page but it won't go to the checkout_confirmation.php page after I enter a credit card it just comes back to checkout_payment.php with no errors but won't go forward.
  10. thekingfisher

    Need Some Help

    Now that I look at it again The Tax line isn't showing up in checkout either Just shipping, subtotal, and total.
  11. thekingfisher

    Need Some Help

    Hi, I'm having some problems all of the sudden and maybe someone can shed some light on it. I have a modified store(just to get that out of the way) and everything was working fine but now all of the sudden Discount Coupons and Gift Vouchers are not working in the checkout. I am using the Authorize.net AIM module, though I have activated a few other modules and tried it with them and it did not work. The order of my modules in the Order Total Section is: Discount Coupons 5 Gift Vouchers (-) 6 Low Order Fee Points Redeemptions 7 Shipping 2 Sub-Total 1 Tax 3 Total 8 Don't know if that helps at all. I tried moving those around a little to no avail. Any ideas? I have installed CCGV, Authorize.net AIM, Points and Rewards, Attributes Sets, and probably a few others. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tim