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  1. Look in the .htacces file an check if your shopdirectory is put in correctly. Make sure it says /catalog/ even if the .htacces file is in the catalog folder. I had the same problem and this did the trick for me :thumbsup:
  2. Hi folks :thumbsup: I just installed SEO url's 2.1d on an osCommerce 2.2 with PHP5 and MySql 2.3. As already mentioned in this thread the ?osCid= crap was removed from the URL's bij setting force cookies to "true" but when I use a buy now button I get a page telling me that I need to adjust the security settings of my browser (IE) to medium. But the thing is it's already in that mode. I also don't want my customers to have to fiddle with their settings before they are able to place an order. Is there a solution for this problem? To get the cleanest URL's with force cookies to "false"? Or another way to work arround this? Many thanks!
  3. Hi folks I just added the linksmanager to my testshop and on first sight everything looks great! The linkmanager and all the functions in the admin area work realy nice :) But the thing is, I can add links, make categories and all the good stuff exept for the actually links showing up when I click on a catagory in my shop. I doublechecked my aditions to the files and they all seem fine. Anybody know where to look? url: http://pleasuremegastore.jongotime.com/links.php