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  1. nitchimon

    Crimages Contrib.. doesn't work?

    Yeah, it works <winks> but its a little tricky sad to say only because you have to edit things. email me and I will see what you did wrong to help you get it working.... sometimes its permissions, sometimes its the fact that the original release ONLY worked with JPGs. thanks Nitchimon
  2. nitchimon

    Official Mall Version

    In response to the following: I think we all ran into this one with the banks/ CC co's. They don;t like pass through charging. Also while the software keeps track of sales and taxes, do you want the mall owner to be responsible for the tax liabilities as well ? I for one say NO WAY!! Set it up like a regular mall... stores rent space. sell their product. . are responsible for paying you rent, responsible for their own liabilities...... period Now the idea of a "version 1" of a mall system sound interesting... it could be done... BUT I think the GODs of OSC would have to re-engineer the next version to plan for this. why? I'd propose doing something like breaking down everything into smaller modules and calling them as needed where needed into the next level up of modules. let me give you an example: Type of Store: Mall templates | \ - Underlying OSC modules. Type of Store: Single Store templates | \- Underlying OSC Modules. This way the underlying modules could be fixed, updated, modified to anyones heart content, bug cleaned and polished, without ANY changes to the upper templating system. Also tracked as version levels. You could have updates available not so much on the full system scale, but on the lower module scale. yeah.. I'm talking about moving towards a more OOD or OO type of OSC. let the single or the mall templates be responsible for the single or multi-user admin and store capabilies. Go one better too: layout \- type of store \- underlying modules This way you can call layouts of stores to your hearts content! I don't know maybe someone else has thought about this ? I'm somewhat of a "newbie" to OSC but have dived into it pretty well I think. I understand most of how its done and designed, great job! But each time there is a new release, you'd have to make sure you don't lose the work on the other parts. Well break it down more then.? Kinda what (shudders at mentioning this) MS has done with DLLs. But with PHP instead :) Whatcha all think ? Enjoy people! Nitch.
  3. nitchimon

    Official Mall Version

    In a quick response... The MALL software I have was written in Cold Fusion. It allows unlimited stores with each store having their own catagories. No biggie. CC payments though: Yes I agree about the top level and all. BUT there must be a way to have each store plug intheir merchant account and then when an on-line transaction is done, it goes directly to THAT store itself. Personally, all of my clients on the old system and one on the OS system I'm modifying and putting in place, wnat to keep the high cost (to them) of on-line transactions to a bare minimum or done away with. They want to manually process the cards and/or call the people. That's what they want. I see that OSC does that as well as a bunch of other things. Any good "web master" (GOD, I hate that term) cand modify apache to transparently see http:/mall/jimbobsstore to http://www.jimbobstore.com I think that OSC either as an add on or standard, should have various login capabilities for "store owner", "maintainer", "whatever". Each seeing more or less capabilities. NOW, here's a concept: centralized database, each store can be on their own server (within farm or whatever) only parts of the templating system on local machines, with the bulk of the code on the datbase or central hoster. PHP can suck in various web sites and make it look like its on 1 machine. This is a powerful feature, I think. But back to the MALL idea, I think its a lot easier to maintain, one set of code, one set of datbases, than 100 sites each with its own code and 100 databases. Lots more overhead and potentially a nightmare to maintain. Also, maybe I'm wrong... but I think that most people who start using OSC are aware that they may have to do some software tweaking and are familiar with PHP, MySQL, etc. One thing nice about a MALL idea, is plug and play for the average person that can't type PHP much less remember what it is.... <shrugs> Let us give them something that they can get running in a heartbeat! Enjoy! Nitch
  4. nitchimon

    Easy Populate Bugs

    I banged my head agains the wall a bit today with this. Not 6000 items.. BUT 252. It was skewing the colums and was doing weird things. This even AFTER reading and making settings changes as per te documentation. But, I finally got it to work. It seems it keys completely off the V_PRODUCTS_MODEL information. If there is nothign there, wham skewing. If you put in 1 "model" number, wham only 1 item gets inserted/updated. Make sure you have UNIQUE v_products_model information in there for each item!! Once you do this... it "should" work. Great little add on.... wish that there was a "NOTE: be careful about...." in the documentaion! But a great add on nonetheless Enjoy! Nitch
  5. nitchimon

    Official Mall Version

    I've seen most of the threads concerning a "mall" and downloaded VM1.1a and will play with this on another test bed shortly. But maybe I'm reading all of this wrong BUT.... I have a full blown mall system written in a different language and am looking to jump off if it to something more robust and capable. While I've got the source for the mall system, its just a beast to maintain. reason: the person that wrote the software initially didn't know how to write software <shrugs> I basically re-wrote the whole package :( to get it to work right. oh well... Now OSC I like ALOT !!! Lots of open doors and possibilities!!! WOO HOO!!! But the Mall/virtual Mall/store rental center, is more in line with what I'd like to do/see. Correct me if I'm wrong about the VM add on but; In the VM version, again correct me if I'm wrong: The site/Mall owner creates stores AND maintains those multiple stores. No Store-owner interface to allow actual store owner to maintain their site. Each item added MUST be assigned to a store, missing this causes confusion and items showing up in wrong stores? If a store "owner" wanted ot maintain their own store.... they'd have to go through the admin pages for ALL of the other stores. Thus have full access to the mall itself? Ouch. In the software I have and extensively modified (sorry its not in PHP :( ) The mall owner can: create a store Assigns a Store Admin store, seperate login, seperate admin section. Store Admin then sets up and maintains their OWN stores. Their own catagories, their own items, specials, coupons.. blah blah blah... Mall/site owner sits back and watches the stats. New Shops needs to be set up... same process all over again, mall owner sits back and watches some more stats. Mall Owner can also view each stores orders, how fast they are filling them, the stats in each store (helpful to build a better relationship with the client/store owner) and a bunch of other things as well. Mall Owner can ALSO shut off a store and make it not accessable IF the store owner doesn't pay his/her rent <winks>. Granted that with this format each store is located under the main URL. example: www.my-mall.com/store1, www.my-mall.com/store2, etc. This is no big deal for an experienced person to make www.my-own-store.com be mapped to www.my-mall.com/store588 (or whatever) I'd be interested in seeing VM be modified to go more in that direction personally. I like what has been done so far, but I think the mall owner/site manager just created a great deal of headaches for themselves. Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree? But I'd love to see more talk about this Virtual Mall concept! Enjoy! Nitch. P.S. I'll contribute more things, the more I get familiar with OSC. I *really* like this. Hats off to everyone who has had a hand in this development! Great Job!