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  1. AWESOME!! thanks guys, All I needed to do was make a very simple database entry. Everything works now Jake
  2. I think this is the part many dont understand, I have done all the file changes on my web server but not the database changes, in my webservers control panel i have "phpMyAdmin 2.5.2" could anyone give me short instructions on how to do this Jake Gaisser
  3. oh!! wait i read that wrong, so there are supposed to be changes to the database?? score, I can do that, im not sure what to do though, i have phpadmin on my server. I noticed in the zip contrib there was a file: "headersql.sql" also in the top of the readme file there was: TABLE CHANGES: Add the following new fields to products_description table. NOTE: The lengths can be anything you perfer to use. products_head_title_tag varchar 80 products_head_desc_tag longtext 300 products_head_keywords_tag longtext 300 im not sure where this goes.
  4. nope, and the contribs i have are : allprods, centershop, infobox header images, triangles. I just cant seem to get this one to work, i'll leave my web site broken for a week, that should be plenty of time for others to ask my questions on the problem and possibly get it fixed for me and maybe some others, If its not fixed by then I will just have to wait untill the next release of this contribution whenever that might be.
  5. ok I tried the using the two contribs dated just as you said. I am still having trouble. This is my fifth go. I can restore my backups, but then no body would be able to see the problem to help me, This is a live shop please nobody place an order unless you actually intend to purchase. My web site is at http://www.exumus.com If you click on a product to view its detailed description you can see the error I am getting, I would be soooo greatful for any help offered. Thank you so much Jake Gaisser
  6. I have tried installing this contribution a few times i always backup first then restore original files i did everything step by step. I get errors in the product description page when installing this mod. All the files that you edit for this are stock I have only installed infobox image headers, centershop, and Allprods and none of the files edited for this procedure have anything related to those mods. Does anyone have this working with a very recent install of Oscommerce osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 (07/12/2003) - this is the one i have from the download section. If anyone has got this working could they please zip the three files that are edited for this to work and post it here or email it to me at: jake@exumus.com