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  1. it's a unix utility that will search for a string in a list of files http://www.gnu.org/software/grep/doc/
  2. nevermind, i found it with grep in languages/xxxx.php i was wondering because im trying to validate my code with http://validator.w3.org/, thank you
  3. Where do i modify $htmlparams ?
  4. gott

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I am attempting to use css withing my templates... i am putting a series of links over an image to use as a menu (which i cant get actually over, they always appear under any ideas?). I can seem to change most attributes except text-decoration and color... why? is it being overided by a global attribute? any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you
  5. gott

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Well, I figured out that STS was the culprit in not centering.... any solution on that? I like how basic design pack fixed graphics and centered it up for me, but like the functionality of how easy it is to move things with STS.... any solutions?
  6. gott

    Basic Design Pack Support

    I copied over all files from the package into the test server. Ever change takes effect (ie cartoonish stuff is gone, squared off corners, new arrows) however the site is not centered.... why? i did ctrl+f5 as well