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  1. OK I logged into PHPMYadmin on my webhost and went to the database admin. once you access the database for your oscommerce store, click on customers. Under the structure tab there should be a button or link for Add. I added the field at the end of the table. The settings were: Field : member_flag Type : char length/value : 1 attributes : Null : null Extra :
  2. How do you add the field member flag????
  3. can you please elaborate? I did the other way... in that I just removed all referenced to 'member_flag'. but if there is a way to actually make it work rather than just ignoring it, I'd like to know how? I'm very limited in PHPmyadmin stuff. But I can figure out how to copy and paste commands if you can post them. Your help is much appreciated!!! Thanks, rich
  4. sorry guys looks like someone posted this a few pages back http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...1877&st=420 Thanks Talle!!!!
  5. I just did the same contrib and now I'm getting the same error under Admin->Customers->customers. Can someone please post up some help? Thanks, rich
  6. I too am looking for something along these lines.
  7. I'm in the same boat on this one. I've been flat rating to US customers and would like to use UPS or FEDEx for other countries... but I need to be able to use their rates.