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  1. It works correctly. You just need to tweak a little bit here and there to make it work :D See my posts regarding this contribution:;#entry1077544
  2. OK I finally got it working :D Turns out I have to modify/insert some records into admin_files table to make catalog, order, and tools category working. Basically I have to insert/change filenames that corresponds to each box(i.e: categories.php, manufacturers.php to refer to catalog.php category. On MySQL PhpAdmin this looks like: 19| categories.php| 0| 40|1,2 where 40 corresponds to admin_files_id 40 of catalog.php ) Once I map everything correctly, this contribution seems to work correctly :) Hope this helps! Jay
  3. Ok, I found out some solutions to the bugs that I encountered. First, for the blank index page, I found out on the top of admin/index.php, you need to add // before //REPLACE with, so that eliminated bug no 1 :) Second, for general.php, function tep_admin_check_login(), replace FILENAME_FORBIDEN with FILENAME_FORBIDDEN. This kinda solves the FILENAME_FORBIDEN error that I encountered. I am still working on solving why Catalog, Tools, and Orders won't work eventhough I declared permission for those in super admin file access.
  4. I have installed Admin Access Level account for MS2, set the permission for top administrator. I can succesfully login/logoff. However when I reached the admin/index.php page, it goes blank. Then another problem that I encountered is that when I tried to access: catalog, tools, customers I got these following errror: Not Found The requested URL /../.../FILENAME_FORBIDEN was not found on this server. I am wondering if someone has any idea what causing this? Thanks Beforehand, Jay
  5. Well I found the culprit. Turns out by turning on "Use Search-Engine Safe URLs (still in development)" in configuration causing this problem. I turned it off and my site works fine.
  6. Hello, I installed HTC Ver 2.6.3 on my test server and it has been working fine for a month. Today I moved my site from my test server into production server. At first the site looks fine. However when I checked the categories links, it gave me this error: Error! Unable to determine the page link! The page only shows the category title and it does not show any of the products in that particular category. I was wondering if someone can take a look at it. Thanks beforehand! My site is: Jay