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  1. galaxy101

    Get 1 Free

    Couple things... I just downloaded the zip file today... 1. In "catalog/includes/classes/shopping_cart.php", there is a hard coded date and time where it checks for expiration .... Should this be changed to >= date("Y-m-d H:i:s") ??? 2. Since I do need "multiple product from a category to get X free", I would like to create a separate contribution (based on your code) that will detect multiple products under one category in a cart and add the specified free product to the cart. I've been working on it tonight and I almost have the admin side working properly. It will get a little tricky with parent-child categories, but it should not be too bad.... This could be integrated at a later time. Chris
  2. galaxy101

    Get 1 Free

    Yes, I am also looking for the feature to be able to buy multiple of any item and get one free. This could be limited to items in the same product category. My client, who needs this feature, only sells one type of product (but 5 styles of it) entered as different products. The customer should be able to choose any 2 different items and get one free. Thanks for your consideration.