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  1. Hi, the first Problem I have fixed but the second one I still don't know what to do :'( How to get the: 'Our Link-Information' working? where in "mysql" do I have to go? And what do I have to change or write or replace :blink: I really have no idea on this Thanks Regarts Jana
  2. hi, i have following problems: first: what is that supposed to mean? What do I have to do?: 1. Run this extra MySql statement to get control over the categories diplayed per row. INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES (2140, 'Categories To List Per Row', 'MAX_DISPLAY_CATEGORIES_PER_ROW', '3', 'How many Link categories to list per row', 6502, 20, '2006-12-10 15:10:49', '2003-07-19 00:52:14', NULL, NULL); ---------------------------- 2. To get the 'Our Link-Information' - Configuration into the OSC Configuration, Execute the SQL: Add Links Manager ToConfig.sql and where should that belong to? Because I don't know i just have the text: LINKS_MANAGER_MYINFO_TITLE LINKS_MANAGER_LINK_NAME LINKS_MANAGER_LINK_VALUE LINKS_MANAGER_LINK_DESCR_NAME LINKS_MANAGER_LINK_DESCR_VALUE LINKS_MANAGER_URL_NAME LINKS_MANAGER_URL_VALUE The other problem is: Links Below is our list of links for the Shopping category. 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'xor ld.language_id = '99')' at line 1 select count(l.links_id) as total from links_description ld, links l, links_to_link_categories l2lc where l.links_status = '2' and l.links_id = l2lc.links_id and ld.links_id = l2lc.links_id and l2lc.link_categories_id = '1' and ( ld.language_id = '2' xor ld.language_id = '99') [TEP STOP] Please HELP :'( Thank you Jana
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    Hi, habe gerade Links Manager for osC(MS2) v1.13 installiert, leider sind mir wohl doch Fehler unterlaufen zu denen ich keine Lösung weiss. Und zwar, wenn ich im Catalog auf Links klicke kommt folgendes: 1146 - Table 'db169045.link_categories_description' doesn't exist select link_categories_name from link_categories_description where link_categories_id = '0' and language_id = '2' [TEP STOP] Und wenn ich unter Admin auf Links klicke kommt: 1146 - Table 'db169045.links_status' doesn't exist select links_status_id, links_status_name from links_status where language_id = '2' [TEP STOP] Weiss jemand was ich da tun kann? Vielen Dank LG Jana