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  1. Merlintx1969

    Automated FedEx Labels

    When using this module and requesting a courier, will fedex get the information that I am requesting or do I still need to call?
  2. Merlintx1969

    Having trouble with Yahoo PayDirect

    The link he has is an autogenerated buton that is just like pay pal buy it now button...... I will look into modifying a payment module for yahoo pay direct.......
  3. Merlintx1969

    Having trouble with Yahoo PayDirect

    My two questions are.. 1. How to you forward cart contents and amount due to yahoo....... 2. How is it secured? I realize I am being a pain in the bum however wouldnt it have been easier to rewrite the paypal module to work easier and securly..... allowing the entire cart its contents and the amount due to be sent directly to yahoo and then redirect the yahoo confirmation to your store checkout_confirmation.php?
  4. Merlintx1969

    Having trouble with Yahoo PayDirect

    I am curious, How did you get your yahoo ID and password to parse into yahoo site?
  5. Merlintx1969


    JaceB I would put that in your terms and conditions and if an affiliate starts getting close then you contact them and get that information..... But you could always change one of the requireds that you do NOT need (Such as Fax Number) to SSN and then you have it...
  6. Merlintx1969


    JaceB, Unless you plan on running a credit report. why on earth would you need a SSN?
  7. Merlintx1969

    Graphical Borders on RSS News

    Sorry to bother you guys, Great contrib by the way... However, I need to know how to resize the boxes back so that my page dosnt scroll left and right
  8. Merlintx1969

    Column Banner v1.0

    you want more than one showing at a time, or you want them to rotate.. to rotate just creat more than one banner... it will cycle through the banner images
  9. Merlintx1969

    Show Banner contrib by Pablo D'Ambrosio

    did you creat a banner in groups 125x125? are you using this with a stock version of OSC or a loaded version with templat systems installed? I have it installed in my demo site you can see it at demo site
  10. Merlintx1969


    that dosnt need to be coded..... Just go to your cift voucher in admin and send them a GV for the amount of their commession.....
  11. Merlintx1969

    Member Approval v 0.1

    Ahaaaa haaaaaa Thanks for the tip
  12. Does anyone know where I can find the contribution that allows you to Define About Us, Conditions, Contact Us, Privacy and Shipping O see that it is a contrib by Ajeh but for the life of me I cannot find it or any mention of it in this forum Please help
  13. Ok, I had member approval working just fine..... then I started installing login to view prices.... I thought I had it ALL done right however when I login, I can not add products to cart and ALL prices are set to $0.00 and now when I create a new account it leaves me logged in...... I need HELPPPPPPP you can test and view at Members Demo Use admin@localhost.com admin for user and pass and the admin side is located at members demo admin
  14. Merlintx1969

    Member Approval v 0.1

    OK all, the define text has been fixed, everything looks right now No more TABLE_HEADING_LAST_NAME
  15. Merlintx1969

    Member Approval v 0.1

    Thanks for the help dootch, I have incorporated these fixes into member aproval and renamed it member aproval 1.2 and it can be found at member approval v1.2 Every thing should run smooth now And everyone that uses the new version thank Dootch