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  1. Hi there,

    Read up here:

    I got it to work with sql entries in the product_info field, but not in admin/categories.

    I have Bootstrap/Edge.

    Any assistance perhaps on a script?

    Thank you




  2. Hi Any chance of putting this altogether into a contribution?
  3. Hi I picked up that when a featured product is on special, then the special price is not listed. Can somebody verify? Regards Elroy
  4. [Contribution] SEO-G

    No help yet??? In the meantime I found a work-around for the Admin problem. 1) In my browser I will specify the domain name for the Admin part of my site. 2) Instead of clicking on "Catalogs" or any other folder I will now click on "Deutsch" 3) For a second time I will be prompted for my password, which I will then type in. 4) Then I will click on say: "My Store" 5) Now I click on: "Administration" (top right hand corner) 6) From the drop-down box I will select "English" and from there click on: "My Store" 7) Now I'm in Admin and ready to do my normal stuff. Until a solution is found, for this problem, this will do for me. I hope a solution is found soon for this problem.
  5. [Contribution] SEO-G

    Hi, I've installed SEO-G but now i cannot access the Admin area. I've also added: RewriteEngine on RewriteRule admin - [L] but to no avail. The page instead is being re-directed to cookie_usage. any help?
  6. header tags 2.5.8 - manufacturers

    Hi, I had exactly the same problem, except it was on line 246. I simply replaced the header file, with the one in the contribution, like you recommended This did it for me - Tx Elroy
  7. Hi I would like to thank those who made this contribution possible. It's an excellent contribution. Thank you very much. Regards Elroy
  8. Hi This is a great contribution. However, I must say, that I got a fright when I saw a big "No Image" quare on my site. Furthermore, when I click on the products under the "Categories" field, there was another four squares. To circumvent this "problem" I simply commented out the following code in catalog/includes/functions/html_output.php: // if no file exists display the 'no image' file if (!is_file($src)) { $src = "images/no_image.jpg"; }
  9. Register Globals Support

    Hi I finally came right. This is what I did (bearing in mind I'm still a newbie) I downloaded a php.ini template from: http://cvs.php.net/viewvc.cgi/php4.fubar/php.ini-recommended All the options are listed there. (you can choose what you want) I then proceeded to upload this php.ini file to my www directory. I then try to access my site which gave the following message: "Server Requirement Error: register_globals is disabled in your PHP configuration. This can be enabled in your php.ini configuration file or in the .htaccess file in your catalog directory" This is what I wanted. This means I now can install the Register_Globals patch, meaning I can set it to OFF after applying the patch.
  10. Register Globals Support

    Hi there I have a clean shop. My server host have Globals ON and will not de-activate it since it runs on all accounts on their Unix servers. Where does this leave me? Does this mean I can't have this patch installed and is their a way to work around this? Your input will be greatly appreciated.