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  1. Well, here's the thread folks. If you DL it, then I hope you find it useful. I will try to provide support for it as i can, but seeing as how it is EXTREMELY small and fairly straightforward, I shouldn't have to. The reason that I am starting this thread is to enable you folks to help me out here. If you find a better way to grab the products_id from the order variable and it works (as $orders->products[$i]['id'] should but doesn't) then we can update the contribution as needed. Thanks for the help, I hope you find it useful! )O( Cloudrunner )O(
  2. It shouldn't with the update 1.1. The reason is simple, we are now having the orders query simply add one more field to the list it pulls from the database already. We then use that to pull from the mfg list. It shouldn't show any increase as far as I can see other than adding one additional query to the system already in place. But then again, who knows until I can get it tested under a heavy load scenario. Keep me posted with yer thoughts on the fix. Thanks! Brandon
  3. fixed. Have to add one line to orders.php in the admin/includes/classes area, and one name to the query, then make some minor adjustments to the invoice code, but it now shows all the manufacturers for the proper item. Thank you jello1 and carrerarod for finding this! Brandon P.s. Here's the link again: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1624
  4. Ahhhhh CRAP@!! Will look into it more...gotta be in the loop somewhere. I really really do not want to alter the order table to do this...oh well...off I go!!! Brandon
  5. Here's the updated system. I got the products_id working, so now there is no chance of a wrong MFG being associated with a product. enjoy!!! )O( Cloudrunner )O( "Life is sexually transmitted." --anonymous
  6. I really wanna stay away from some major hard-core mods. If I can simply get the products_id from the orders table then we'd be set and it'd take out three lines of code, but more on that later...still playing with myself...er it...
  7. Oh yeah, here's the DL link http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1624
  8. cloudrunner

    gift voucher errors

    It seems to me that the contribution has forgotten or left out the payment module needed to use the avilable voucher funds in one's account. I too am having this problem, and when I use the redeem code AFTER I have clicked the automatic redeem system in the email, and added the funds to the cart, I get an invalid redeem code error. Can someone please tell me where or how to get this to remove funds from the voucher account during checkout? Thanks!