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  1. Thank you, but that opens up my whole entire shop to a free delivery option. I only want certain products to be able to be delivered to my shop.. This looks like it allows all people within 12 km to get free shipping.
  2. *bump* Anyone? ive searched prior to posting this but nothing helps me in my situation.
  3. The reason why there is no weight in my products is because of the service we provide. I offer a prepaid Modding service where customers pay with Paypal AUS, i then contact them and arrange a dropoff time, they dropoff the console, we mod, then ring them for pickup! Customers locally pick gaming consoles that we have modded up from here, and do not pay for shipping- Although in my terms and conditions i warn my customers that the price is $5 less before they checkout just so that it matches the price i advertise. So if i sold a modification for $150 i would have to set the price in OSCommerce at $145 to add $5 (automatically due to shipping via local postcode) later when the customer checks out. Keeping in mind these things: I have spent endless hours getting Australia Post Module + Paypal Aus Module working together, if any suggestions are made, can you please let me know the incompatibilities i might encounter? I dont want the shipping to be charged for the items my customers are going to be picking up locally- As the rest of my products have weight, and need to be shipped to certain destinations around the world. any help would be GREATLY appreciated! thanks Mac
  4. I see. thank you for your reply! My situation is this i run a website where customers browse through and can either order a computer part, or it be locally installed here. If they choose the latter option out of the two: Local Installation- an invoice must be supplied to them (I'm assuming it uses some of the shipping address etc to generate this) Then a phone call is placed by me to organise a dropoff time. My worry is that my customers are being charged $5 + the price mentioned. For now i have adjusted the prices $5 down to counteract the shipping module implimented. Will an MVS addon help me? or cause me more greif? :) Is there an easier way? Thanks again Mac
  5. I have an Australia Post module installed already in my OScommerse installation, will this come into conflict with it? If so how will i go about fixing the same above problem in my situation? Thank you.
  6. Check perhaps your shipping settings? what is the tare weight? ideally it should be set at zero from my observations. i know that played around with my reporting on shipping.
  7. Hi there folks, slowly but surely i am setting up my own online store, I've bought dedicated hosting, even an SSL that will be setup soon as well but postage is the killer part. I had a bit of trouble installing the module due to the DB and all, but i've fixed all of that (Restoring DB and trying different things until i got it right the first time) Now The module when you click on checkout displays this: "Shipping Method This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order. AusPOST Parcel Post Delivery to 6056 - 1 days Delivery Time 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_AUSPOST_TEXT_BOXES 0kg(s) $6.00" I dont really understand how or why this has happened but can anyone recommend a fix on this? Im sure that 1 MODULE_SHIPPING_AUSPOST_TEXT_BOXES 0kg(s) $6.00 can be turned into something a little more appealing than what it is :P