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  1. Rich, That worked great! As always your a BIG help. Thank you very very much for quick responce. Kevin
  2. Yea, I got it working, I didn't realize it was in the bonus tips,w but what about the ones on the main /index page? www.taboofantasys.com
  3. Yes, Rich I sure did, but dont see anywhere to change the size?
  4. Hello, I got 2.2 working great. One question tho, when it creates a thumbnail, its smaller than I would like. I was just wondering where or if I can change the settings to the size of the thumbnail. Thanks, Kevin
  5. Read the post abouve yours. That has been the only fix post.
  6. Glad to see its working! lol, I think I tried every thing under the sun, But that! It pays to think out side the box. Good Job.
  7. Rich, Souds good, I will do. As far as the (That indicates that something was wrong with your setup.), I wish I knew...I tried and tried. I guess basic knowledge will only get me so far. Thanks
  8. No, I't didn't make any changes at all.
  9. Hello Rich, Just wanted to update you. I tried everything you ask, with the same result...RED X's (even did another clean install). I did a little research, and installed version 1.5. The install went well with no problems. It is up and running, I even added some multiplyers to up the second image. Went well. I'm just going to run this version (1.5). If anyone figures out 2.2, BE SURE TO POST IT HERE. Rich (MY HERO), Once again THANK YOU, for all your help. :rolleyes: Kevin B)
  10. Rich, Thank you, and I got your pm. I got 1 quick question about this step? Step #8 - Admin image size settings Note: Before you change the settings, write down the current values so you can restore them in case of an error! Go to the admin section of your store (Configuration -> My Store -> Images) and set: all image width and height values to a value greater than zero calculate image sizes to true. What do you set them too?
  11. Ok, Rich I really want to thank you for your help. I guess I'm at a dead end (I've tried it all). I'm going to try to find another Thumb mod. Have a great day, Kevin PS: If anyone gets this figured out look hit me up, or I will keep cking back here. I really like this one.
  12. Rich, After looking at your profile, I realize you do this for a living and that time is money, and stuff isnt free. I would be more than happy to compensate you for your time. This should be the last mod, befor I start to upload items. I going to be over 15000 items, when its all said and done.
  13. Rich, I think it is a path error, because as you saw on my webpage, the the prog worked as far as making the thumb size correct, and it made a thumbnail image in my catalog/images/thumbnail/ ...folder, and when I click the thumb preview in my filemanager it is a perfect little thumb pic. Where is the spot to change/make the path to the thumbnail? In admin/config/thumbnail ? ...as far as the ssl, it must be an auto set, because I didnt change anything. Any idea of where I can disable this? ...You seem like a mature adult, I would be willing to hand over my info so you can log my account, and then I will change it when your done.....That is if you are willing and feel comfortable with that. May you can see whats going on. Till then .ty :thumbsup:
  14. Rich, hmmmmmmm! I just did a clean install of everythig, no other addons but the thumbnailer and oscommerce. I get no error on any part of this installation. All permissions are set to (777). Still same red X. ..This is what I see when I, right click and ck. properties of the Red X image in the store front..... https://st144.startlogic.com/~taboofan/osCo...oduct_thumb.php? ...also ck. here you might see somthingI dont..... http://taboofantasys.com/osCommerce/catalog/ there is only 1 pic /w the red X, I only uploaded 1 to keep it simple.
  15. Rich, Yes, I ran the gdtest.php. I even went over all my steps today, it all looks good. I will try 1 more time (Clean Install), then I guess I will have to uninstall it. If this does'nt work for me, do you have any other recommendations on a Thumbnail Add-on to use? This is the gdtest....... GD is supported by your server! GD Version Yes FreeType Support Yes FreeType Linkage Yes T1Lib Support No GIF Read Support Yes GIF Create Support Yes JPG Support Yes PNG Support Yes WBMP Support Yes XBM Support Yes JIS-mapped Japanese Font Support No Thanks a bunch, Kevin
  16. Rich, Sorry for the mis-understanding, I've looked at so many files, folders and admin sections in the last couple days ( I had a brain freeze :-" ). I do know the basics and been to the oscommercs admin panel many, many times. I've installed sts4.4 , pink skin and EasyPopulate with no problems. With that being said, I really appreciate the time you have givin me. This is what I got from.....administaration/configuration/thumbnails Use Resampling true Use True Colour true Output GIF as JPEG false Background matte colour (GIF as JPEG) 255,255,255 Cache images on the server true Thumbnail path (I'm using default dir.... catalog/images/) Cache images in browser true JPEG Compression Level 70 Allow larger false Show original true
  17. Rich, This is........... catalog/ admin 755 download 755 images 777 includes 755 pub 755 account.php 11.2Kb 644 account_edit.php 11.8Kb 644 account_history.php 7.4Kb 644 account_history_info.php 11.3Kb 644 account_newsletters.php 7.0Kb 644 account_notifications.php 11.0Kb 644 account_password.php 8.0Kb 644 address_book.php 8.8Kb 644 address_book_process.php 17.8Kb 644 advanced_search.php 10.1Kb 644 advanced_search_result.php 14.2Kb 644 checkout_confirmation.php 15.7Kb 644 checkout_payment.php 17.0Kb 644 checkout_payment_address.php 21.5Kb 644 checkout_process.php 15.9Kb 644 checkout_shipping.php 19.8Kb 644 checkout_shipping_address.php 21.6Kb 644 checkout_success.php 6.7Kb 644 conditions.php 3.4Kb 644 contact_us.php 6.3Kb 644 cookie_usage.php 3.7Kb 644 create_account.php 22.0Kb 644 create_account_success.php 3.8Kb 644 download.php 4.1Kb 644 index.php 18.5Kb 644 info_shopping_cart.php 1.4Kb 644 login.php 10.2Kb 644 logoff.php 3.7Kb 644 password_forgotten.php 6.2Kb 644 popup_image.php 1.5Kb 644 popup_search_help.php 1.4Kb 644 privacy.php 3.5Kb 644 product_info.php 12.6Kb 644 product_reviews.php 11.0Kb 644 product_reviews_info.php 9.4Kb 644 product_reviews_write.php 11.0Kb 644 product_thumb.php 13.9Kb 755 products_new.php 6.8Kb 644 redirect.php 2.8Kb 644 reviews.php 7.3Kb 644 shipping.php 3.5Kb 644 shopping_cart.php 11.2Kb 644 specials.php 5.6Kb 644 ssl_check.php 3.2Kb 644 stylesheet.css 5.7Kb 644 tell_a_friend.php 10.0Kb 644 and this is......catalog/Admin/ backups 777 graphs 777 images 777 includes 755 backup.php 22.5Kb 644 banner_manager.php 25.9Kb 644 banner_statistics.php 7.4Kb 644 cache.php 4.8Kb 644 categories.php 61.0Kb 644 configuration.php 8.7Kb 644 countries.php 12.3Kb 644 currencies.php 17.5Kb 644 customers.php 36.7Kb 644 define_language.php 7.7Kb 644 file_manager.php 18.6Kb 644 geo_zones.php 23.9Kb 644 index.php 14.7Kb 644 invoice.php 7.0Kb 644 languages.php 18.8Kb 644 mail.php 9.6Kb 644 manufacturers.php 15.5Kb 644 modules.php 12.8Kb 644 newsletters.php 20.8Kb 644 orders.php 26.7Kb 644 orders_status.php 14.2Kb 644 packingslip.php 4.6Kb 644 popup_image.php 1.4Kb 644 products_attributes.php 51.5Kb 644 products_expected.php 6.3Kb 644 reviews.php 18.4Kb 644 server_info.php 5.2Kb 644 specials.php 17.8Kb 644 stats_customers.php 5.0Kb 644 stats_products_purchased.php 4.9Kb 644 stats_products_viewed.php 4.8Kb 644 tax_classes.php 10.8Kb 644 tax_rates.php 13.0Kb 644 whos_online.php 8.8Kb 644 zones.php 11.1Kb 644 And this is...... catalog/images banners 777 default 777 dvd 777 gt_interactive 777 hewlett_packard 777 icons 777 infobox 777 mail 777 matrox 777 microsoft 777 sierra 777 account_notifications.gif 1.7Kb 644 account_orders.gif 2.3Kb 644 account_personal.gif 2.5Kb 644 arrow_down.gif 386 bytes 644 arrow_east_south.gif 433 bytes 644 arrow_green.gif 69 bytes 644 arrow_south_east.gif 434 bytes 644 box_products_notifications.gif 1.4Kb 644 box_products_... ...ns_remove.gif 1.5Kb 644 box_write_review.gif 1.0Kb 644 category_dvd_movies.gif 928 bytes 644 category_hardware.gif 1.7Kb 644 category_software.gif 1.1Kb 644 checkout_bullet.gif 533 bytes 644 dj020500.jpg 19.9Kb 777 dj021000.jpg 14.4Kb 777 header_account.gif 439 bytes 644 header_cart.gif 535 bytes 644 header_checkout.gif 605 bytes 644 manufacturer_canon.gif 1.1Kb 644 manufacturer_fox.gif 2.5Kb 644 manufacturer_... ...teractive.gif 1.4Kb 644 manufacturer_... ...t_packard.gif 640 bytes 644 manufacturer_logitech.gif 1.0Kb 644 manufacturer_matrox.gif 904 bytes 644 manufacturer_microsoft.gif 667 bytes 644 manufacturer_sierra.gif 1.1Kb 644 manufacturer_warner.gif 2.1Kb 644 no_image.jpg 4.4Kb 644 oscommerce.gif 3.6Kb 644 pixel_black.gif 35 bytes 644 pixel_silver.gif 35 bytes 644 pixel_trans.gif 43 bytes 644 stars_1.gif 145 bytes 644 stars_2.gif 151 bytes 644 stars_3.gif 147 bytes 644 stars_4.gif 145 bytes 644 stars_5.gif 127 bytes 644 subcategory.gif 308 bytes 644 subcategory_action.gif 1.3Kb 644 subcategory_action_games.gif 1.2Kb 644 subcategory_cartoons.gif 1.6Kb 644 subcategory_cdrom_drives.gif 1.6Kb 644 subcategory_comedy.gif 1.4Kb 644 subcategory_drama.gif 1.5Kb 644 subcategory_graphic_cards.gif 2.0Kb 644 subcategory_keyboards.gif 1.2Kb 644 subcategory_memory.gif 2.4Kb 644 subcategory_mice.gif 1.1Kb 644 subcategory_monitors.gif 1.4Kb 644 subcategory_printers.gif 1.1Kb 644 subcategory_s... ...e_fiction.gif 1.2Kb 644 subcategory_simulation.gif 1.4Kb 644 subcategory_speakers.gif 2.0Kb 644 subcategory_strategy.gif 1.6Kb 644 subcategory_thriller.gif 1.2Kb 644 table_background_account.gif 979 bytes 644 table_backgro... ...ress_book.gif 1.5Kb 644 table_background_browse.gif 1.2Kb 644 table_background_cart.gif 1.4Kb 644 table_background_checkout.gif 1.4Kb 644 table_backgro... ...firmation.gif 1.2Kb 644 table_backgro... ...ontact_us.gif 788 bytes 644 table_background_default.gif 877 bytes 644 table_background_delivery.gif 847 bytes 644 table_background_history.gif 1.2Kb 644 table_background_list.gif 1.0Kb 644 table_background_login.gif 1.3Kb 644 table_backgro... ..._on_board.gif 4.2Kb 644 table_backgro... ...forgotten.gif 1.3Kb 644 table_background_payment.gif 1.1Kb 644 table_backgro... ...ducts_new.gif 688 bytes 644 table_background_reviews.gif 1.1Kb 644 table_backgro... ...views_new.gif 1.6Kb 644 table_background_specials.gif 1.1Kb 644 THUMBNAIL_PAT... ...umb_59x80.jpg 839 bytes 644 THUMBNAIL_PAT... ...umb_59x80.jpg 796 bytes 644 THUMBNAIL_PAT... ...umb_57x32.gif 618 bytes 644
  18. LOL... Rich I hate to be a FART, but where do I get those for you. I dont want to post the wrong stuff. Not that you wouldnt get a kick out of it, as you thought "DAMN HE'S DUMB"
  19. Yes , I sure did, and I just cked to make sure.
  20. Hello Rich, Thank you for your speeeeeedy response. I did a clean install of oscommerce and Thumbnailer. I did what you said in mysqladmin, it said all went well when I imported and click go. I still get the red X's im my thumb images, but if I click the large image it shows up good, just not the thumbs. I looked in my catalog/images/ folder and the thumbnails are there. Is there a path I need to change or somthin? Thanks again, Kevin
  21. Hello Everyone, I'm new to oscommerce and otf_autothumbnailer. O Yea! and html/PHP in general....... >_< I have a little HTML knowledge. I just have a quick question about step #6 in the insatll instructions (Step #6 - Run the SQL statements....Find the file auto_thumbnailer_admin.sql and run it on your database.). How do I go about doing this? I installed a copy (OTF_AutoThumb_MB_2.2) yesterday and it all went well, Images resized, no error... except the pictures are showing as Red X's. I skipped this step #6, I'm assuming this may be my problem..not sure tho. <_< I want to do a clean install as soon as I get a little help. .....any help would be great. .....and THANK all of you who put the time and effort into these add_ons...they are life savers for all the HTML/PHP impaired....LOL like me! Thanks again, Kevin