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  1. can anyone tell me how to get the light box contib to work with images that are on another server i.e.http://somewhereelse.com/123.jpg ? I love this contribution but cant use it unless I can get this to work. Thanks
  2. bjanice44

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Hi, I have given this some thought and am having that customized into my mod for my site as well as a quanity choice. I will share the code with you when I am finished. Before anyone started working on my cusomizations, the build details (or product description) would and still will not carry through to the shopping cart or orders......Any idea what may be causing that? Followed all inbtreuctions to a "t"...can't figure it out...
  3. bjanice44

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    Ok, sounds good. So the script actually stores the rewrite name in the database?
  4. bjanice44

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    Hi there thanks for the reply. Looking at this mod a little closer...this thing is the real deal. This thing is in its own league compared to CRE SEOs and Ultimate SEO's. To be able to tell the system exactly the way you want to rewrite a certain product...that is marvelous. It is extremely flexible it seems. I'd love to try it out. I am currently using ultimate seo's. I took your comment about established stores not switching because of seo etc.. Let me ask you this..how much flexability is there in category rewrites? Here is an example of a product and category rewrite on my site using ultimate seo... Will I be able to set up seo-g to rewrite the same way? that way I wouldn't have to have all new links? I'd love to try it out..mainly for the fleability going forward for new products etc... I am running CRE loaded 6.2. I think I can get it to work...are there any issues with checkout etc...?It won't break my store will it? Category (this is the subcategory page so it writes the main category plus the subcat in the rewrite) http://www.nicebykelli.com/catalog/diaper-...es-c-64_73.html This is a product: http://www.nicebykelli.com/catalog/babys-f...-bank-p-77.html This adds the product number 77 to the end. The category adds the cat # 64 Let me know if this will rewrite or can be configured to rewrite exactyl the same way.
  5. bjanice44

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    Hello looks like a great contribution. Here is my question. There lots of contributions out there like google sitemaps for example that are compatible with Ultimate seos. There many others out there that are compatible. I am interested in having all of my php pages rewritten into html which Ultimate or cre seo's do not do. I am afraid that I will break something if I install this... Do you know of any contributions that might not be compatible with this? I use Google, Yahoo, and shopzilla product feeds as well. Might be a good idea to list the features of this contribution vs Utlimate seo's so people know whether it is worht the switchover.
  6. bjanice44

    PDF Catalog v.1.5

    Hello, I tried your suggestion above and it worked in getting rid of #&blah blah blah in my pdf catalog. Here is my question to you. Out of necessity and to have my store look professional, I use bullets to list the contents of our products in the descriptions. I Use the WYSIWYG editor for my descriptions. I need to be able to have the bullets show up in the pdf catalog for this to be useful to me. Otherwise there is this big jumbled mess for the description. Can you give me some guidance on how I can accomplish this? Thanks
  7. bjanice44

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hello, I need some basic help with this contribution. I am running CRE-Loaded pro and I figured Id give this install a shot. I can go through the install sheet and find all of the parts of code in categories where I need to "add below" except for the one "onload="SetFocus();" so I left it out. My product details open up ok in admin but the Ajax attribute manager does not show up at all, no errors or anything. Anyone know how to set this up or what tweaks need to be made to get it to work with CRE loaded...after all, all Cre loaded is is oscommerce with a bunch of contributions installed....It should work with it.