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  1. Add to my former complaint. When the submenu activates it pushes out one of the header parts to the right by 2-3px. In the customer informations screens, the containers for that information is also a few px out. It may only be a couple of pix here and there but I can't stand shit that don't line up even if it is only a few pix. And its just more crap I have to fix.
  2. I just bought a template from template monster. Ok its broken because it is for mysql-4 and my host runs mysql-5 and I didn't look into it before I bought it. I contacted help who told me after finding out I am using mysql-5 to submit a ticket for help and tutorials on how to fix it. The ticket response was, its for mysql-4 not mysql-5. Thats it...... In addition, the the demo behaves differently to the version I downloaded. Clicking on a menu item opens a sub menu. Where as the demo just shows the products for that category. So now I have to recode the menu to get back to how it was shown in the demo. And I have to fix all the mysql-4 commands to mysql-5 standards. The correct response from the help desk should have been. A. Would you like us to get the code back to how the demo runs ? B. We will have the template updated to mysql-5 ASAP (witch is backwards compatible to mysql-4) I got the template to save me some time in setting up the shop. Now I have to spend my time getting it to work. I might as well have made my own from scratch. I will never purchase a template from template monster again............... There templates are OUTDATED.... EDIT: And none of the images from the language folder show up either. I dont know if that is mysql-5 related or not.