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  1. ChildOTK

    Payment Processed but not order

    For those interested: I ended up commenting out the code which confirmed the MD5 hash entered in the admin. I thought it was weird how the MD5 hash got generated in the payment module compared to a randomly generated hash from Authorize.net. Looking at the code, users can just leave the MD5 Hash field blank in the osCommerce admin, but otherwise just comment out the lines that do the MD5 Hash comparison. Thanks.
  2. Good Day, We just upgraded our system from osCommerce 2.2 to 2.3.1 and are now using the Authorize.net payment module. Two customers have attempted to pay for orders and received an email confirmation from Authorize.net for the order, but osCommerce reported that the order had not gone through. Has anybody else had this issue? How can I resolve it ASAP? Thank you!
  3. Hi All, I am using a USPS module for my shopping cart. I am wondering why my customers are being so grossly overcharged for shipping? Example, I just had a client receive their package, and there was a shipping label showing a cost of $1.90. The online store charged them $7.33. Is there anything I can do to solve this issue? I do not want to keep upsetting customers over something so small. Thank you, ChildOTK
  4. ChildOTK

    Album Preview Player

    Hi all, I am looking for a module for osCommerce which will enable one to have MP3 previews of each track in an album which one sells. We have an online store selling our CD's and songbooks etc, and we would like to have a function where our customers can listen to sample tracks of our CDs. Does anybody know if there is such a module available at all? Or how to go about building one? Thanks.
  5. ChildOTK

    Chase Paymentech

    Hello, First thing, my chase paymentech module is working great, so no issue with the actual module. My issue though is, when we sync from the web store to our quickbooks, the sales which went through the chase paymentech module, show up as 'cheque' and not 'credit card' or 'debit card'. Does anybody know how to solve this issue? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Regards ChildOTK
  6. ChildOTK


    Hi All, I have after a long struggle and researching gotten a working system with osCommerce and Paymentech. However I am still in their certification process, and they require certain things filled in and returned to them. These tests involve purchases of certain amounts and credit card numbers and types etc, which will return certain values. These returned values are what I require to complete this certification process. Seen as osCommerce on an approved sale doesnt return back any of this required data, I need to somehow get a hold of it. They said that the system should be doing some form of logging on the system, which will hold the information. Does anybody know where this log may be? Any help on this will be appreciated. Regards ChildOTK