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  1. ttime

    Header Tags SEO

    Jack, I checked and rechecked, but I have uploaded everything from the catalog folder and have done the Install Catalog and Install Admin already three times. Of course I also have done the database files. I have other contributions installed like "Product Listing Enhancements, Thumbnails & Manufacturer Headings V1.2". Since it is saying it can't find: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: getfilelist and call to undefined function: checkformissingtags and Call to undefined function: getcategoryandmanufacturer> do you think it has something to do with that? Where do you think the mistake might be: in the admin or catalog? Any tips are welcome!! :blink: And what about the update folder: do I have to do those too? Or are these already in the last download?
  2. ttime

    Header Tags SEO

    Okay, I will check it again... and again... Thanks!
  3. ttime

    Header Tags SEO

    Hey Jack, I have installed your contribution but I get some mistakes which I can't seem to figure out: In Admin: I can see and click the 'Head Tags SEO' under Configuration > it seems to work fine. But clicking the links in the box 'Head Tags SEO' give me the following error: "Fatal error: Call to undefined function: getfilelist() in /home/myname/mydomain/mywebsite/public_html/catalog/admin/header_tags_seo.php on line 23" Front site of the shop: When I put the Title tag into my Index.php (or any other); I get: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: getcategoryandmanufacturer() in /home/myname/mydomain/mywebsite/public_html/catalog/includes/functions/header_tags.php on line 42 Do you have any idea where to search for the problem? Many thanks! :blush:
  4. I have the same after installing QT Pro4.0.1.2 The address in the bar is product_info so something is wrong over there, but what to look for?
  5. Frank, that's it! :lol: I took this line out, and it works fine! Thanks sooo much... Now up to the next and last problem I still have before I can take it online. (but that's another topic ;-)
  6. Hey Frank, I have added and removed the codes a couple of times, so I think I added and removed some of the rowmod code. But I did check it when it was there. I did what you discribe below, but still no change. I think it has to do with what it’s calling for (sorry for my explaining: PHP is still rather new to me). Article and Modele > I don’t see those fields in my database. Should that be products and products_model?
  7. My last try: Who knows my proble? (have posted this before, and yet never got a solution) I can't get the Products description, Quantity and product price in there. I have removed and added this contribution about 3 times.. (and yes, have downloaded latest version) but nothing changes. How come it all works for you guyz but not for me? I don't understand the code products_modele to where is that supposed to point? It's not in my database? The text emails work alright, so it can't be my data? Please, please! :'(
  8. Sorry.. forgot to say: I updated it to SEND HTML MAIL V2 but still no change...
  9. Well, after I Installed Send_order_html_email_v1, I get 2 confirmation mails: 1 HTML and 1 text. The HTML one does not show the actual order (product description): The text version does. I can not figure it out: where is the mistake?
  10. ttime

    Free shipping by catagories

    Heb het zelfde probleem.
  11. Has this problem been solved yet? I have the same problem. Anyone know the answer?