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  1. carabs

    IE7/AOL Problem?

    Mine is currently set to false, but I still have the AOL login issues. And my client is getting less happy each time he has to tell someone he has no solution, besides to download firefox of course :)
  2. carabs

    fast easy checkout

    So I love the potential of this contib. i just need to try and tweak it a bit more to fit into my clients flow. But i think they will like it :) I am having an issue with the "Get New Total" button. When I click the link the div below is populated. But the checkout_2confirmation.php page is not displayed. The entire site loads in this area. i am using the same code as above, so i am not sure whats going on. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  3. This is a great contrib. Thanks for doing so much work with it! I do have a question about the order that the products are displayed within the invoice. How can I control the sort order of the products that are being displayed. On many orders I see Prod1 first, and Prod2 second. But on other orders I see Prod2 first, and Prod1 second. Is there an "easy" way to update this? i would love for it to ALWAYS sort by one specific column. As of right now it seems like its just being displayed by the order that it was placed into the cart. I know this sounds silly. But my client only uses his ecom site once a year at easter for a huge sale they run. They get 6500+ orders in 4 days, selling only 5 different products. And when the kids they hire pack the envelopes to send out they don't like to read and mess up some orders. So always having Prod1 first and Prod2 second would really help them out. Thanks for any help/direction.
  4. I am getting the same error. Not sure whats a doin, and I/we would love some help :)
  5. Same here. Have you been able to find out how to fix this? Or even why it appears?
  6. carabs

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    JanZ, Thanks for the reply. I will take a deeper look into it later today.
  7. carabs

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    First off this is such a great addition for all of us to use! I do wish there was a more dedicated support area, and not just one long thread about it. Mainly since i have a simple question.. I see an issue with the returned quote when I set my Negotiated rates to true. The company i am setting this up for does in fact have 7% discount on all their shipments starting April first. When i type in that I want something shipped from their Zip to their Zip with Negotiated rates off, I get a quote for $6.80. This seems rather close to what we expect. But when i enable Negotiated rates, I get $3.75 for shipping. They get a 7% discount, not an almost 50% discount! So my questions.. Where does the number/% come from? UPS itself? Something within the module alone? And if their rate does not take affect until April first, why would it be doing anything now? Maybe I missed it somewhere within the documentation or on this site. Sorry if I did. But any help/information would be great. Thanks.