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  1. I'm not sure what forum to post this on! After 2 years of perfection, my Oscommerce Site "Mr Matco's eBook Store" has started to send RANDOM "Order Process" emails to my customers. Sometimes 8-9 per day on the same order! Instead of just sending out emails each time the download page is accessed, it is sending them randomly even if the download page is not accessed. This has happened to two of my customers that have complained, so maybe more that have not let me know (complained). Has anyone else run into this type of problem? If so, where did you find the glitch?
  2. mtims48021

    Random Order Process emails Being Sent

    I just found out that BOTH customers that are getting these emails used FireFox to download their orders! Is this just a coincidence or could FireFox be accessing the download page on its own and triggering these emails. This is really frustrating to me and irritating my customers.
  3. mtims48021

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Michelle, I do have crafting ebooks and would definately accept a link exchange. You didn't notice, but I have a link exchange Option in the left column Under Information. It is titled "Links of Interest". But I might change it to just "Link Exchange". Good luck in your endeavors, Michael A. Tims aka Mr Matco www.matcopublishing.com/catalog/
  4. mtims48021

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Michelle, Thanks for the compliment on my store. I've been working on it for a year. When I get the time, i'm going to add it to OsCommerce's live store center. Installing SDS was fairly straight forward, with good install instructions. As far as centering the heading, The <center> code is put in catalog/includes/header.php as below. <br><span class=title><center><?php echo STORE_NAME; ?></span> Michael A. Tims aka Mr Matco www.matcopublishing.com/catalog/
  5. mtims48021

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Michelle, I have 1225 digital downloads in my eBook Store of which 333 are freebies. I have the Super Download Shop installed and Paypal handles all orders properly whether they are mixed with free items or not. Michael A. Tims aka Mr Matco matcopublishing.com/catalog/
  6. I want to add 3 new fields to EP which are already in another db table, so the extra fields contrib doesn't do it. The fields are in the table PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES_DOWNLOAD -- specifically products_attributes_filename, products_attributes_maxdays, and products_attributes_maxcount. I want to add a couple thousand items to my store and having to go in and add all the product_attributes_download info by hand for every item is not a very good scenereo. I would much rather add the 3 columns to my excel spreadsheet and upload them all at once to my store and databases. I have not found any posts which would add the NEW TABLE fields to the download array or upload array and my programming skills are not up to the task. I have read several hundred posts on almost 300 pages and have found several references to this same problem. None of them had a reply with an answer. Easy Populate will be a God send to me IF I can also add the new table & fields to the spreadsheet, otherwise it doesn't do me much good.
  7. mtims48021

    Paypal not Returning Updated Order Status

    I solved my own problem. For anyone else who has this problem, Install Super Download Shop 2.2 and follow the installation doc - Worked perfectly.
  8. I had Paypal IPN working a few months ago but not it's all messed up. The sale goes through and paypal passes the customer back to the store but the order status does not update to allow for the download of the digital product. It was too long ago and can't remember how I set it up before. Can anyone re-point me in the right direction?
  9. I hope I am posting this question in the appropriate forum. If not, please redirect me. When I view the source code on my index.php page I SEE the following meta tags. <title>Software - Matco Publishing's eBook Store</title> <META NAME="Description" Content="Software from Matco Publishing's eBook Store"> <META NAME="Keywords" Content="software, applications, music, utilities, webmaster utilities,"> I have NO IDEA where these keywords (or DESCRIPTION) are coming from. I've even done text string searches for these keywords and they do not show up anywhere in my catalog pages. I have a list of other keywords I would like to use but do not know where to add them. I have tried several places with no luck. Would Header Tag Control 2.6.3 take care of this and give me more control over what keywords are seen by the search engines?
  10. Has anyone gotten Easy Populate to work on a Windows based server? I had to read through 148 pages and 2959 posts before ANYONE mentioned that EP works differently on Windows than it does on Unix. Anyway, I can create a csv file in the temp directory and ftp to local computer. Opening the file in Excell, I used the spreadsheet to create a 1 new product sheet which I saved as tab delimited txt file. It uploades to temp fine but does not add the product into the db. This is the test-0101.txt file I am trying to load: v_products_model v_products_image v_products_name_1 v_products_description_1 v_products_url_1 v_products_name_2 v_products_description_2 v_products_url_2 v_products_name_3 v_products_description_3 v_products_url_3 v_products_price v_products_weight v_date_avail v_date_added v_products_quantity v_attribute_options_id_1 v_attribute_options_name_1_1 v_attribute_options_name_1_2 v_attribute_options_name_1_3 v_attribute_values_id_1_1 v_attribute_values_name_1_1_1 v_attribute_values_name_1_1_2 v_attribute_values_name_1_1_3 v_attribute_values_price_1_1 v_manufacturers_name v_categories_name_1 v_categories_name_2 v_categories_name_3 v_tax_class_title v_status v_products_attributes_filename v_products_attributes_maxdays v_products_attributes_maxcount EOREOR 1061 ebay_marketing_ecourse.jpg eBay Marketing Secrets Everything you need to learn to make money on eBay. <br>1. How to find or create a product to market.<br>2. Types of auctions eBay offers.<br>3. Setting up an eBay account. Its Free.<br>4. What catagories to auction your items in.<br>5. Bidder sniping and what to do about it.<br> 6. How to create successful site traffic driving listings.<br>7. Valuable listing tips and strategies.<br>8. Building and managing your eBay client database.9. Shipping and follow up.<br>10. eBay outside services\ software\ image hosting\ etc.<br>11. How to write and publish your own eBook.<br>12. Auction tools - Free downloads.<br>13. Auction Riches -- Your Roadmap to Riches with Online Auctions! 0 0 999999 1 Download Download Download 1 Yes Yes Yes 0 eBooks eBay Auctions --none-- Active ebay_marketing_ecourse.zip 7 3 EOREOR The products_model is unique. You can see that I have added the products_attributes_download table fields to EP but I went back and tried EP without them with the same results. EP did work once when I downloaded the first csv file, added products_model and then uploaded into db just fine. After that, no uploads have made their way into the database. Anyone run into this problem and solved it? Thanks, Mike Tims
  11. I am still trying to get Easy Populate use the 3 fields from TABLE_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES_DOWNLOAD and update the database along with the other product details. I've spent days going through hundreds of posts on EP and have not found the answer yet. I can't believe that in 4 years of using EP no one has solved this problem.
  12. Did you find the answer to your problem? I too am trying to add Products_attributes_filemane field to easypopulate with no luck.
  13. Did you ever get an answer to using the TABLE Products_attributes_download with EP. I am looking for the same thing. Mike
  14. Jack, Thanks for the reply but EZ Extra Fields has to do with adding new fields to the products_description TABLE. I want to add a NEW table to Easy Populate, in perticular, the TABLE Products_attributes_download ----------- I guess no one else has had this need??????????????? Mike
  15. I have searched to no avail for an answer to this. All my products are downloadable .zip files so I need to add the TABLE Products_attributes_download to Easy Populate. I have EP 2.76d working like a charm except for needing this additional info to edit in Excel. There are only 4 fields in this table so it shouldn't add too much to the spreadsheet but I didn't want to go mucking around in easypopulate's code cause it works so well now. Any help would be welcome. Mike I'm sorry about the double post, I think I posted it once before in the wrong topic forum.
  16. I have searched to no avail for an answer. All my products are downloadable .zip files so I need to add the TABLE Products_attributes_download to Easy Populate. I have EP 2.76d working like a charm except for needing this additional info to edit in Excel. There are only 4 fields in this table so it shouldn't add too much to the spreadsheet but I didn't want to go mucking around in easypopulate's code cause it works now. Any help would be welcome. Mike Sorry I think this got posted in the wrong place!