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  1. so I did some playing arround with the export file,, and when I removed the text 'products_head_title_tag' from the exported file and uploaded it to the server it worked... why was this effecting it? its the exact text that was exported from easy populate... very confused about this... will this effect the import process??? thanks digi
  2. Hello, when I updated the easy populate file and uploaded it to the server, and I used the upload command in easy populate to take the file off the server.. when it did the update, it turned all my products OFF.. why? they are set to Active in the file when I downloaded it.. so why is it turning off when I upload it?
  3. Hello.. when I try to upload the easy populate file it gives the following error. In the manual it just says if I get the error to fix the permissions to 777.. which they are.. and if I upload the file to the server first. and load it from the temp directory I get the following error.. its showing parts of products from my shop... does anyone know what this is???? also,, if I upload the EP file to the temp directory.. what permissions does that file have to me set at??? I really hope someone can help me on this Digi