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  1. Simple question hopefully, I finally got things running how I want them too, the only thing I need to know now is, is there a way to have the image uploader accept other file formats such as word docs and PSD.'s?


    Along with upping the upload file size limit.

    Simple question indeed ;)

    open up includes/classes/upload.php and check out line 18.

    Maybe this should be an admin setting, or at least a setting in local/configure.php...

    Next release :lol:


    I believe Upload file size limit is set by php.ini...

    This could be override-able with a .htaccess in the root (php_value upload_max_filesize 10M)

  2. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class tablebox in public_html/includes/classes/boxes.php on line 13

    any idea

    You probably didn't merge application_top.php (-correctly)

    the call to boxes.php should be moved up from below... (from about line 505 to about line 315)

    So should the call to messagestack...

  3. I don't think it is the PayPal module because the error takes place in the shopping cart well before the module is called.

    Could it be my database causing this? Maybe a setting in a config table for 0 decimal places instead of 2?

    It COULD be the PayPal module, as Option Types makes some minor changes to the standard PayPal module...

    However... Come to think of it, that was for Text options...

    It COULD be the database, exactly as you say. no decimal places.

    You should check what values are inserted into the database.

    When creating your database, be sure to use UTF8_general_ci Collation. That always works best for me...

  4. It appears that there is a capability for adding a font option to the product options with this contribution. Is this correct? Is there any documentation for how to utilize the template menu for the options(the dropdown menu)?

    No, there's no font option available.

    If you are talking about the font option on shop.crystalcopy.nl, that one is hardcoded. VERY messy...

    It is possible to add just about any option type (I'm working on Products at the moment) so adding fonts can certainly be done, but there are no manuals of how to do it.

    The different Option Types are added in includes/modules/option_types.php (except the standard dropdown, that's (still) handled by product_info.php)

    That's where new types can be added, and processed the way that's needed... (By adding a new 'case')

  5. I just released Option Types v2.0.1:

    - Previous Uploads List was not correct when using Multiple Upload fields

    - Couple of Bugs fixed for multiple fields

    - Separated Attribute Manager from installation (Easier to just Add it if needed)

    - Added Attribute Manager installation guide

    - Fixed some bugs in Attribute Manager

    - Prepared Attribute Manager for "Products as Options"

    - Added Comments for changes made in Attribute Manager

    - Found some small mistakes in the Admin Language files

    - Updated (and renamed) the ReadMe

  6. The shopping cart is still rounding product prices off to whole dollar amounts and the shopping cart is showing the Sub-Total as 0.

    Are you sure you used a clean, standard installation of version 2.2rc2(a) ?!??

    I have a separate test store running, and can't get that behavior....

    Also can't imagine how it happens.

    Try echo'ing the price like this:

    FIND in product_info.php:

    if ($products_options['options_values_price'] != '0') {


    echo "Testing Option Price = ".$products_options['options_values_price']."<br>";


    And check if the prices are requested correctly...


    (*Maybe you could also try it with the newly released version?)

  7. The only thing I had to do was to add a few lines to the bottom of application_top.php to make STS work properly, code below.

    That doesn't help much. The following line:

    require (DIR_WS_CLASSES.'sts.php');

    means the file sts.php gets processed at that point... What that file actually does is the question...


    This looks more like a problem with STS than with Option Types v2.

    I suggest you look for help there, as Option Types v2 uses STANDARD osCommerce behavior when it comes to Attribute's prices...

    Seems to me, STS is the "conflicting" contribution here...

  8. only now I have the prices showing again as £0.00! How do I set up option types v2 to hide this because as you say it doesnt appear to hide it automatically?

    The lines I previously posted normally make sure the price is hidden: (IF 'options_values_price' IS NOT '0' --> Display price)

    Something seems to be going wrong there...

    As I do not know what changes are made by STS, I can't exactly say what the problem is...

  9. however the prices are still showing as (+0) on the dropdowns for the price attributes.

    The code you posted is not where the problem is...

    I have no idea what that "Hiding the Price" contribution does, but if the price is '0', it's automatically hidden by OptionTypes v2...

    The contribution probably changes the way 'options_values_price' is handled or something...


    You'll have to look at the lines in product_info.php and includes/modules/option_types.php where the prices are collected:

    if ($products_options['options_values_price'] != '0')


    if ($products_attribs_array['options_values_price'] != '0')

  10. I have a feeling it's because of the contribution for hiding the price thats conflicting with it but it could also be because I am configuring it wrong.

    I also can't for the life of me get the user upload button to appear on the product description/checkout page, all I get instead is a drop down box with the words [uSER-INPUT] in it?

    I too have a feeling that both these problems are because of a conflict between contributions...

    Could you as a start show me the code from product_info.php, where the dropdowns are made?

    Can't troubleshoot without more info...

  11. Is it possible for the previous uploaded files to have the names listed with radio buttons instead of a drop down select menu?

    I have tried but to no avail

    Thanks for any help in this.

    It is possible...

    I don't think it's very pretty, as when the customer uploads a lot of files, the list get's quite long...


    Anyway... Here goes...

    In the file catalog/includes/option_types.php Replace this:

    while ($uploaded_files = tep_db_fetch_array($uploaded_files_query)) {
     $uploaded_array[] = array('id' => $uploaded_files['files_uploaded_name'], 'text' => $uploaded_files['files_uploaded_name'] . ($tmp_html_price ? ' - ' . $tmp_html_price : ''));
     $old_uploads = true;
    $tmp_html = '<input type="file" name="id[' . TEXT_PREFIX . $ProdOpt_ID . ']">' .         // File field with new upload
      tep_draw_hidden_field(UPLOAD_PREFIX . $number_of_uploads, $ProdOpt_ID);    // Hidden field with number of this upload (for this product)
    $tmp_html .= $tmp_html_price;
    if ($old_uploads == true) $tmp_html .= '<br>' . tep_draw_pull_down_menu(TEXT_PREFIX . UPLOAD_PREFIX . $number_of_uploads, $uploaded_array, $cart->contents[$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id']]['attributes_values'][$ProdOpt_ID]);

    With this:

    $tmp_upl_html = '<table>';
    while ($uploaded_files = tep_db_fetch_array($uploaded_files_query)) {
     if (isset($cart->contents[$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id']]['attributes_values'][$ProdOpt_ID]) && ($uploaded_files['files_uploaded_name'] == $cart->contents[$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id']]['attributes_values'][$ProdOpt_ID])) {
       $checked = true;
     } else {
       $checked = false;
    $tmp_upl_html .= '<tr><td class="main">';
    $tmp_upl_html .= tep_draw_radio_field(TEXT_PREFIX . UPLOAD_PREFIX . $number_of_uploads, $uploaded_files['files_uploaded_name'], $checked);
    $tmp_upl_html .= $uploaded_files['files_uploaded_name'];
    if ($products_options_array['options_values_price'] != '0') {
     $tmp_upl_html .= ' (' . $products_options_array['price_prefix'] . $currencies->display_price($products_options_array['options_values_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($product_info['products_tax_class_id'])) .') ';
    $tmp_upl_html .= '</tr></td>';
    $old_uploads = true;
    $tmp_upl_html .= '</table>';
    $tmp_html = '<input type="file" name="id[' . TEXT_PREFIX . $ProdOpt_ID . ']">' .         // File field with new upload
     tep_draw_hidden_field(UPLOAD_PREFIX . $number_of_uploads, $ProdOpt_ID);    // Hidden field with number of this upload (for this product)
    $tmp_html .= $tmp_html_price;
    if ($old_uploads == true) $tmp_html .= $tmp_upl_html;


    That should do the trick...

  12. there is no SQL file in the package.

    Option Types v2 SQL.sql

    It's in the root of the zip file (when you open the zip, it's right there!)

    along with the index.html


    I don't see how you could miss it!!


    Run it (via phpMyAdmin), and you should be fine.

    It could be that because you manually added fields to the dB, the script will fail.

    Maybe it's best to remove those manual dB changes before running the sql...

  13. I received an error stating the function for TMP_DIR is missing because its needed on application_top.php on line 372.

    1- Did you run the SQL file included with the installation?

    2- Did you copy the file catalog/includes/local/configure.php?

    3- Check in application_top.php, Line 25, (Set the local configuration parameters) if includes/local/confige.php is included (Default = enabled)

    4- Did you copy/create the folders images/temp and images/uploads?


    If all above are answered 'yes', I'll need more info on your problem... That should not occur...

  14. Is there a installation guide this contribution. I already have other contributions installed.

    No, Sorry...

    You'll have to use a comparison software like kDiff3 to compare your installation with Option Types v2

    (I really can't imagine merging contributions without file comparison!)

    All changes are very well commented throughout the files...

  15. Come to think of it, you need something like "Linked Options", or "Dependent Options"...

    Have one option hide, until an other is known.


    I think I have read about that on the forum or in the contribution section somewhere...

    Long time ago, but it might be worth a search...


    Might also be a nice function to incorporate in another contribution of mine: Option Types v2....

  16. 1 - I applied the change and it worked beautifully!

    2 - I read that you are working or planned on working on a new contribution "Products as Options"

    3 - Myself and a lot more people than you can imagine will appreciate such a contribution, if you can pull it off. I can imagine it will be a great task.

    4 - Zappo, once again Thanks.

    1 - Nice! I'll be using SPPC/QPBPP myself (When I'm done with the rest)

    2 - I'm ALMOST done... Need some (ok... a lot of) cleaning up, and some kind of readme... Then I'll release it.

    3 - Good to know it'll probably be appreciated!

    4 - My pleasure.

  17. I think that perhaps a drop down list of UK; USA; European is initially visible and, when one is selected, then another list appears with the sizes relevant to that selection.

    Linked Products does not exactly do what you want.

    I'm currently working on a contribution that probably would, but it isn't finished yet (Products as Options)


    What you could do with Linked Products:

    Have the "Main" product: "Diamond Ring" Linked with 3 products: "UK, US and EU"

    Then set the 3 Linked products up with the correct sizes.

    When selecting a linked product, you can show a dropdown at the main product with the correct sizes.

    However, Currently the products will then both be added to the cart ("Diamond Ring" and "EU + Size")


    As Linked Products is VERY configurable, it might be possible accomplish it in another way.

    If I think of (or develop) something, I'll let you know.

  18. Problem with Previous files if using more than one upload field

    2nd drop down list is doubled.

    I forgot to add a line (resetting the dropdown)...


    Here's what to do:

    in catalog/includes/modules/option_types.php


    //BOF - Zappo - Option Types v2 - Added dropdown with previously uploaded files (around line 110)

    beneath it ADD:

    if ($old_uploads == true) unset($uploaded_array);


    That should to the trick!


    (This will of course be added to the next OptionTypes release)

  19. Is this ok?

    Nope. That's not ok... :D

    That great contribution isn't too hard to merge. You missed one line:

    You need to change your $cart->add_cart() (Where QPBPP changes are also made)


    $cart->add_cart($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_id'], $cart->get_quantity(tep_get_uprid($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_id'], $HTTP_POST_VARS['id'])) + $HTTP_POST_VARS['cart_quantity'], $HTTP_POST_VARS['id']);



    $cart->add_cart($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_id'], $cart->get_quantity(tep_get_uprid($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_id'], $real_ids))+$HTTP_POST_VARS['cart_quantity'], $real_ids);


    That should do it...


    (Explanation: $HTTP_POST_VARS['id'] contains the attributes array, which is replaced by $real_ids so that the uploads can be added to this array)


    I can't define upload-option values in admin's option value type because it has been taken off the drop down list of values available.

    This is because the Upload (and Text) option VALUES are input by the customer! (The value is the given text, or the file)

    You just need the Options for Text, Textarea and Uploads. (However, the Option-Value "0 - CUSTOMER-INPUT" has to be set! (Should be done automatically))

  20. -1: Compliments to Zappo for the great work!

    -2: The file however is uploaded in both the temp dir and the upload dir.

    -3: I wonder - where did you define "- Your picture:" ?

    Hello Rich.

    -1: Thanx!

    -2: The upload destination is set in application_top. This is done by checking for a registered session.

    It's VERY strange the files end up in both! Does this happen when logged in (registered customer), as a guest, or both?!?

    -3a: Please Note: crystalcopy.nl is NOT using Option Types v2!! (Basic functionality is the same however)

    -3b: The text used in the cart is the same define as the text in product_info ("Option Name" is used, just like with other types)


    I'm guessing something is wrong in application_top.php (case 'add_product' around Line: 370)

    Have you merged with other contributions there?

  21. Would it be possible to set up links so that if one of 3 links were selected, the other 2 would be unavailable? In other words, options would only be available for the chosen link - e.g. links to US, UK or European where the options for each are different.

    I don't fully understand what you want to do.

    - What do you mean with "Links"? Linked products, or links to something, or....?

    - Do you want to have different Options per Customer location?

    Please elaborate...