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  1. Just wanted to say this is a great contribution, but I'm having a little problem with it. When I first applied the mod to the store, it worked like a charm, but now whenever you try to add something to your shopping card you get this message:


    Warning: unlink(images/temp/..) [function.unlink]: Is a directory in /home/gbtrophy/public_html/includes/application_top.php on line 374


    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/gbtrophy/public_html/includes/application_top.php:374) in /home/gbtrophy/public_html/includes/functions/general.php on line 33



    If you click the back button, it does actually add the item to the card, but I'd like for it to do it without the error. Any ideas?

    Strange error...

    As I see it, the code tries to delete the directory ".."


    To fix this, edit application_top.php:

    FIND (As the error states, around line 374)

    								  if ($file != ('.htaccess') && filemtime(TMP_DIR . $file) < strtotime(OPTIONS_TYPE_PURGETIME)) {
    								unlink(TMP_DIR . $file);  // Delete file from server...


    								  if ($file != ('.htaccess') && $file != ('.') && $file != ('..') && filemtime(TMP_DIR . $file) < strtotime(OPTIONS_TYPE_PURGETIME)) {
    								unlink(TMP_DIR . $file);  // Delete file from server...


    (Didn't test this, but I'm pretty sure it'll work)

  2. Currently the default 'Selected' option appears to depend in which order you add the option, CAN THE 'DEFAULT' option shown be Assigned anywhere?

    No, there's currently no way to set the default option...

    I'll have to look into that (as it is a very useful feature)


    The attributes under each option seem to randomly order themselves, not matter which order you put them in using the Option Types plugin. Is there a way using Option Types v2 to change the order of the individual option attributes?

    No, there's also no way to order the attributes of a certain option...

    This function will need an extra field for Products Option Values to set the sort order.

    I'll look into this as well.


    Both problems have to do with the same code, so I'll try to add both functions at the same time.

    Don't know when I'll be done though, and there's no real "quick fix" for either problem...

  3. Hiya Zappo,


    Busy working all this time... unlucky! and I thought you have been kicking back somewhere nice on holiday enjoying the sunshine.

    Thanks for sharing your hardcoded display imageoptions (Option Types v2.1.1) Great tool! I installed it on a site 'am working on for a test run. Everything works fine. The only issue I have is that images uploaded as imageoptions apart from showing properly when you choose them from the font dropdown, they are also showing up just below product description (that is just between where product description ends and available options starts)


    I suspected I must have duplicated the codes that show the images somewhere but I could not figure it out myself after many searches.

    Do you have any idea what I did wrong or how to go about troubleshooting it?




    Hi Rich,


    I don't think you duplicated anything, but something is wrong with the Image Preloading...

    Did you merge the .css file?

    All possible Images are preloaded when the page loads, in a (by css) hidden field.

  4. Hi everyone,


    I've been very busy with my work, and don't have the time to offer any support.

    Just a few things I'd like to say:

    * If you get an error, beginning with "1054 - Unknown column", the SQL is not (fully) inserted. Check if all the tables have been created!

    * to Rosemary: Multiple images SHOULD be possible... I can imagine the mistake is made somewhere in option_types.php, where the fields are named and numbered. I could have messed up somewhere...

    Sorry I can't help much more than this, I'll probably be busy for another few weeks...

  5. Now that I've installed the Option Types, my sorting order for all the items are screwed up.

    So I tried to delete all the attributes and use the AJAX Manager but it doesnt' sort the attributes in the order that I add them.... In fact I can't even see a pattern for how it sorts it.

    This contribution uses it's own sorting method.

    Sorting can be set through the Options (so not on a 'per-product' basis), in the products_attributes page.

    So you can, for example, set the Text fields to always show on top, and the Text Area always on the bottom.

    This way you can keep a catalog-wide, consistent order of showing options.


    I can imagine, if merged with another contribution which sorts the Options, some unexpected results can occur...

  6. OOOPSSSssss!!!!

    It just occurred to me, that I forgot to include the SQL Query in the installation guide for people Updating an already installed Option Types v2!!!

    That was not the only mistake I made... :blush:

    That's why I immediately released Option Types v2.1.1 :lol:

    Changes made: added SQL from the Post above, and the following:


    In the file catalog/includes/modules/option_types.php FIND:

    		$Image_Dropdown_ID = 'id_' . $product_info['products_id'] . '[' . $ProdOpt_ID . ']';

    And REPLACE with:

    		$Image_Dropdown_ID = 'id[' . $ProdOpt_ID . ']';

  7. OOOPSSSssss!!!!

    It just occurred to me, that I forgot to include the SQL Query in the installation guide for people Updating an already installed Option Types v2!!!

    Here is the SQL to run:

    INSERT INTO configuration VALUES ('', 'Option Type Image - Images Directory', 'OPTIONS_TYPE_IMAGEDIR', 'images/options/', 'What directory to look for Option Type Images.<br>This is where the Images should be stored.', (SELECT configuration_group_id FROM configuration_group WHERE configuration_group_title = 'Option Types'), '9', now(), now(), NULL, NULL),
    							 ('', 'Option Type Image - Images Prefix', 'OPTIONS_TYPE_IMAGEPREFIX', 'Option_', 'What prefix to use when looking for Option Type Images.<br>This is what the Image\'s name should begin with.', (SELECT configuration_group_id FROM configuration_group WHERE configuration_group_title = 'Option Types'), '10', now(), now(), NULL, NULL),
    							 ('', 'Option Type Image - Images Name', 'OPTIONS_TYPE_IMAGENAME', 'Name', 'What Option Value item to use as Name for the Option Type Images.<br>When set to "Name", the images should be named: "PREFIX"-"Option value name"-"LanguageID".jpg (Option_RedShirt_1.jpg)<br>When set to "ID", the images should be named: "PREFIX"-"Option value ID"-"LanguageID".jpg (Option_5_1.jpg)', (SELECT configuration_group_id FROM configuration_group WHERE configuration_group_title = 'Option Types'), '11', now(), now(), NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Name\', \'ID\'),'),
    							 ('', 'Option Type Image - Use Language ID', 'OPTIONS_TYPE_IMAGELANG', 'Yes', 'Use language ID in Option Type Images Names?<br>This is only needed if different images are used per Language (images with text for example).', (SELECT configuration_group_id FROM configuration_group WHERE configuration_group_title = 'Option Types'), '12', now(), now(), NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Yes\', \'No\'),');

  8. I'll look into adding and releasing the first (probably basic) image switching functionality this week.

    (Already have some ideas in mind ;) )

    As promised....


    I just released "Option Types v2.1.0"!!!

    The download includes the full installation, and a guide for people who want to upgrade an already installed Option Types v2.


    Setting the correct image names, and linking them to the Options is somewhat "hands on", but I think I described it pretty well in the ReadMe (included in the download)


    * You have the ability to set the Images directory (for separating the Option Images from the rest (if you want to ;) ))

    * You can also set the Images Prefix (also to see some separation between the Option Images and the other images)

    * The images can be the same for all languages, or you can set things up to use another image for each language!


    Have fun everyone!

  9. Sorry for the PM but I have a question

    I looked at http://shop.crystalcopy.nl/heart-shape-6x6x3-p-682.html

    And noticed you have drop down menu, and when selected, for example Arial, the image appears on the button of the drop down? how would I set this up on the contribute section to work with Option Type 2?

    I've had that question PM'ed to me 3 times now!!!

    I'll post this reply on the support forum too, so everybody knows...


    That function is not included in Option Types v2, because it's horribly nasty, dirty and totally unconfigurable hard-coded into the site. It uses Javascript to switch the images, and I think I'll be adding it to the contribution soon, but at the moment....

    It's just nasty...


    I'll look into adding and releasing the first (probably basic) image switching functionality this week.

    (Already have some ideas in mind ;) )

  10. when I add a new product I dont see products attributes opions under the price

    but when I edit a product, it appears? can anyone tell me what I maybe doing wrong that's it's not showing up on the new product page?

    That's normal behaviour!

    When you add a product (is not yet in Database) there's no product ID to link the attributes to!

    When the product is saved (and a Product ID is available) the attributes can be added.

  11. ok it's not "CAN NOT"


    It' s "you won't"

    its nor truth !!


    Be an ignorant ass...

    I'm not just typing stuff here to annoy you, and waste my precious time... :angry:


    As you know so much better how this stuff works, I'll let you figure it out by yourself....


    Geez... That's the thanks I get for my efforts... Being called a liar...

    If I don't WANT to help you, I wouldn't reply, or I would just say so!

  12. Hi , i don't choose radio because it's for add many choice of option (ingredients for pizza)

    I'll say it again:



    What you want, is only possible by making a lot of OPTIONS to each product:

    Pepperoni --> yes/no

    Cheese --> yes/no

    Mushrooms --> yes/no


    YOU CAN NOT do this: (if you want customers to be able to select multiple options...)

    Toppings --> Pepperoni/Cheese/Mushrooms


    That's just the way osCommerce works!!!

  13. one checkbox is visible.

    Hi there,

    I actually designed the checkboxes to be a one-choice option (Example: you want giftwrapping? Yes/No)

    As you can only select ONLY ONE Attribute per Option, Multiple checkboxes will not work!

    (Color: Red, Blue, Green or Yellow ---> You CAN NOT select Red AND Green, just 1 at a time...)

    I recommend you use Radio's instead....

  14. I installed a clean osCommerce verion V2.2 RC2.


    Warning: require(includes/classes/navigation_history.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/host/public_html/store/admin/includes/application_top.php on line 128

    Don't know what you've done, but somehow you have placed the file /catalog/includes/application_top.php in the directory /catalog/admin/includes/application_top.php....

    I advise you totally re-install, and make sure you place the files in the correct folders!!!

    You could also re-copy all files, except the install folder and the configure.php files from the clean osCommerce, and the copy the files from the Option Types v2 Contribution...

    That'll save you installing osCommerce, and running the extra SQL...

  15. Is there a possibility to connect the product options with the stock?

    You were thinking about implementing it in the contribution...

    No, there's no way of doing that now...

    Also, I'm NOT going to implement stock-tracking. I was thinking of devising a way to show Products as Options.


    The best way to implement stock tracking, will indeed be combining QTPro...

    If you run into problems with the merging, don't hesitate to ask for some help. (I can imagine other people wanting the same thing)

  16. Hi, I must ask, does anyone have a more detailed guide on installation?

    Use a comparison software like kDiff3

    This allows you to compare (and merge) 3 files at the same time.

    Take the original osC file, the file with code you want to add, and the File you want to add to.

    You'll see the differences between them, and you'll be able to evaluate what parts need to be merged.

    By the way, install instructions would only tell you where to look in what file (In short, it tells you the difference between this, and an original file which is exactly the same thing kDiff3 will do for ya)


    Can't help you out any more than that, as I have better things to do than writing install instructions.


    And by the way, Attributes and Option Types does nearly do the same as Option Types v2, but I don't think you'll have a breeze installing that one!

  17. Could it be due to interference with other contributions that I previously had?

    That does seem to be the case.

    Your suspicion that it's just application_top could be correct though.

    You could try using the one supplied with Option Types, and check what other changes (if any) you need after that.

  18. 1054 - Unknown column 'products_options_comment' in 'field list'

    select products_options_name, products_options_comment from products_options where products_options_id = '1' and language_id = '1'

    As the error says, the column for option comments does not exist.

    You probably didn't execute the SQL file...

  19. The site was working perfectly fine until I installed the contribution so it couldn't have been anything else.

    It has to do with the application_type file since that is the one giving an error on the product pages.

    Then why do I see the error message on your site:

    1146 - Table 'aj23_d60527111.TABLE_AUTHORS' doesn't exist

    This certainly has nothing to do with Option Types, neither does the messed up template...


    If the problem is in application_top.php you should examine ALL the changes made to that file...

  20. You will have to write an if statement to first query the file extension. If .jpg - run the current code - if other - run a standard file upload script without the image resizing script.

    Good point!

    Forgot about that! :blush:

    This only means this should REALLY be a configurable setting!