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  1. [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Hi everyone, Stepping in for a second, to tell ya'll I am no longer an osCommerce user (and thus no longer actively developing contributions for osCommerce) Sorry everyone, but the osCommerce code was getting too messy, old (using deprecated HTTP_*_VARS 'n stuff), and difficult to keep up to date (especially when using multiple 'conflicting' contributions). To be fair, I haven't really checked out the new release (>= 2.3), but noticed the deprecated HTTP_VARS are still implemented... I won't promote any other Open source shopping Cart software, but I am converting to another package. Now, to properly reply to your question, Celebman1: I have searched for that function (tep_show_category), even in the latest release (with which I had nothing to do), but that function is not used, nor set by the Option Types v2 Contribution... Any chance it's caused by another conrtibution??? (Maybe something involving Left/Right column) I'll explain what I do to track back this error while I go: First, to explain the error: It says: I know a function (named "tep_show_category", which you told me about in the file "includes/boxes/categories.php"), and now you're trying to tell me about "tep_show_category" again! So, I searched ALL FILES for "tep_show_category": - 3 hits in 1 file (surprise surprise, found in: "includes/boxes/categories.php") So, the original code does not have 2 functions called "tep_show_category" that could be called at the same time. This can mean 2 things: 1) You've added a new function somewhere, called "tep_show_category" (for a contribution). 2) The function "tep_show_category" is called twice, because the page "includes/boxes/categories.php" is called twice. So, I searched ALL FILES for "categories.php": - Couple of hits, in a couple of files... We can ignore the files in "admin/" (that's not where the error is), and we can ignore anything in "languages/" The only thing I end up with, is include(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'categories.php'); in "includes/column_left.php" That is of course the correct location for this file (and the function "tep_show_category") to be called. I advise to search ALL YOUR FILES for "tep_show_category", and then "categories.php" (use a descent editor, like Notepad++), and see if if anything's different from what I found above. If you're really stumped, better email me than post on the forum. Your problem is too specific to be helpful for anybody... Regards.
  2. TNTPOST V1.4 [HELP]

    The TNT Website seems to have changed once again... I Changed it: // define('TNTPOST_SITE', 'https://securepostplaza.tntpost.nl/TPGApps/tarievenwijzer/control/rateInquiry'); define('TNTPOST_SITE', 'http://tarievenwijzer.tntpost.nl'); And now the prices are "0", but at least the radio-boxes show up again... Still troubleshooting...
  3. This contribution is compatible with anything. I also use it for other projects. It is a Universal one-file configuration script. While developing, I got tired of making changes to the database or making entire configuration-pages for all the settings I was creating, so I created this file. It can be used as temporary solution, but turned out usable enough to use in a production site too. Features: - Generates/Displays settings in tabs, separated by headings - Generates/Displays a help tooltip for each option - Uses Textfields and various Dropdowns (seconds, numbers, yes/no, colors, align....) - Save settings as a variable or a define - Saves a configuration file to be directly included - Configuration file is automatically commented - Ability to Delete entries that are also found in the DataBase Options to set: - SettingsFile: File to save the settings to - DeleteDB: Set to anything to delete duplicate values from DataBase - CommentPre: Text to add to each comment - Settings: Array with all the settings. Contains: Tab => Heading => Row => Option => Option Settings The file has some example settings to get you started. Download the contribution from: http://addons.oscommerce.com Please post questions, comments, request, etc. right here!
  4. [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Wow. You've been busy! Good stuff!
  5. [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Good question. - What does the % bar on product_info page say? Also unlimited? - Is this also the case with normal text? Could [edit] most likely [/edit] be a Javascript problem...
  6. [Contribution] Option Types v2

    That's great! I currently have no time for testing (let alone updating, and releasing a new version), but I hope I can do this in the following weeks... You go get that beer, you deserved it! One step closer to perfection. Thanks George!
  7. [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Maybe we should circumvent the problem: How about detecting the CUTOMER-INPUT attribute, and make the input field behave like it does in products_attributes.php? We could steal the code from products_attributes, and the only downside would be (one I would find a BIG downside) that the prices wouldn't get updated through AJAX. I mostly use the Attribute Manager without submitting changes to the product itself (edit attributes, click BACK button), and that won't work in this situation... But I believe if you would echo the price input fields with the correct names, they will get posted with the rest of the product information (And then be processed the same way as they would in the products_attributes.php file...) Again, not really a solution. More like a workaround...
  8. [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Hi MultiMixer, Thinking about it, I believe I also was struggling with some AttributeManager problems during development. Javascript is just not my cup of tea. I even thought about changing everything to not use OPTION_VALUE_TEXT_ID at all, but as I see it, we can't do without that value... And because we want to change a VERY integrated part of the code, there can be quite some complications. Integrating the "CUSTOMER-INPUT" as it, is was already a headache. I wish an experienced Attribute Manager user would help us out with this one...
  9. [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Apart from that it has something to do with images, I have no idea what the problem is.
  10. [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Well, exactly like the message says... Can't find TEMP_DIR I suggest you check your entire installation. Those things have nothing to do with each other...
  11. [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Well, that's obviously there... The error means "can't find the column products_options_order" given in the "order by" command... The query below the error (select * from products_options where language_id='2' order by products_options_order) seems to be OK too...
  12. [Contribution] Option Types v2

    did you run the sql file? You are missing the column 'products_options_order'...
  13. [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Hmmm.... That IS strange... And what happens if you only comment out the two break 2; lines? Also, is the file (when it DOES upload) renamed, and is it renamed correctly? Is there also a record of the upload in the database? (TABLE_FILES_UPLOADED) The lines you are commenting out save the file to the new location with the new name, and should exit the code if this fails. I'm thinking something is wrong with either the $TEMP_FILE or $insert_id variables...
  14. [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Hi everyone, Yeah... I WISH :D Just dropping a note to let y'all know this thread is not dead, and I still want to improve upon/support Option Types v2. However, I run my own business, and it's hard to find the time. PLEASE don't PM or email me for assistance. I always receive an email when someone posts here, and if I don't reply on the forum it's because: - I don't know the answer (I'm only a novice PHP programmer myself) - I'm too busy As is stated on this thread before, Option Types v2 works perfectly "out of the box", and any (or all) problems are caused by faulty merging, or a combination of other contributions. It never hurts to help, but you'll all understand I'm not going to spend hours to solve your problems for you. Now, for some answers: @Maria Cafe: I think you should check all the <table> <tr> <td> tags, and see if they are opened/closed properly. @Ibissen: I suspect the 500 error is caused by not being able to save the file on the server. Make sure the correct folders are in place, and that they are writable. @DenominatorX: Don't know. Why not try it out, and see for yourself. (Please post results for future visitors) @nutlog13: Best way to have fields as required would be some javascript. That way, you could have a message popup if the customer did not enter anything. Doing it with PHP is possible, but that will need a page-refresh for customers to discover they need to enter info... (which would be annoying IMO) Also, I seem to remember somewhere in this thread someone also needed this, and found a script to do the job. Not sure though... @amyburns: As the error states, the values you're trying to put in the Database do not match the number of colums in the database... I suspect you did not merge all the files correctly. (After the SQL command, you should have 7 columns in "products_attributes", and you're trying to input 6 values...) Check if you merged the file admin/products_attributes.php correctly... And finally, @MultiMixer: A big thanks for all the support you have given. (as only I seem to get all the thanks around here ;) )
  15. [Contribution] Option Types v2

    :-" -edit- Well, I guess I could have asked first if you knew about that too :blush: