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  1. RRS feeds are available in the Apps section, not sure if they have been updated for the latest version of Osc or not
  2. Multi-Vendor shipping

    If the page is blank its pretty likely your host has supressed errors. See if you have an error log text file which will give you a heads up on what the errror could be. Nic
  3. IP trap Version 3 released

    Hello Sorry for the wait i've been busy. You paste the sections you want to use in your own HTACCESS file. Rgds Nic
  4. IP trap Version 3 released

    HI Michael Try disable the osc_sec from working and try again, i think it might be this causing the blank screen. Once disabled you should see the blocked.php again, please let me know if that works otherwise i would need to have a peek Regards Nic
  5. IP trap Version 3 released

    Hi Iyang 1) call the IP_Trapped.txt in your browser you should get a 403 message. www.yoursite.com/banned/IP_Trapped.txt 2) you can do that, you can have one called admin and one called personal, you are not limited to just the one folder, just a bit pointless; if you change the folder to admin then remove the line in the robots text for Disallow: /personal/ no-one is going to look for the folder. Regards Nic
  6. IP trap Version 3 released

    Hello, Add your IP number manually to the banned/IP_Trapped.txt and see if you are them able to get the index.php, or contact_us etc.. pages. Suspect that as you said the IP's are not being added to the list that there is a problem with permissions still. Have you checked your error logs for any permissions errors, though these would normally display at the time. Nic
  7. IP trap Version 3 released

    Good Morning First off have you made sure that you have added the application_top.php code just after the filemanager.php include? IP Trap is not and was never intended to block anything but an explicit call to the personal folder, once trapped it will ban the user form the site until it is sprung then it does no other type of protection, for this I would suggest security pro, and sec_osC from the add on's area as proactive defence is their function, IP Trap is more reactive. The htacess code can go anywhere within the htaccess file, the “ should not be there please remove prior to adding, the code incidentally prevents anyone from calling the text files in their browser and viewing the contents. Please get back if the trap still refuses to work. Rgds Nic
  8. IP trap Version 3 released

    Hi Mike, There are many different add ons for security out there, but i would say Security Pro osC_Sec Nic
  9. IP trap Version 3 released

    Hi Mike I just tested it and got banned and remiand banned. If you have a rapidly changing IP number then it will give the apearance of not working as the IP you got banned with has changed. As for your question about 777, it is not safe to run with permissions so high and you are running the very real risk of being hacked once again. For folders you should be looking at a max of 755 and files 644 (unless they need to be read / write, in this case 666) 777 will get you hacked again and its not a matter of if but when Nic
  10. IP trap Version 3 released

    Hi Mike, After making sure it is installed corectly, try removing the IP numbers in the whitelist - see if that cures it Nic
  11. IP trap Version 3 released

    Hello Have you tried to add / remove VIA FTP Program? Nic
  12. Trying to load WYSIWYG

    change it to INSERT INTO configuration_group( configuration_group_id, configuration_group_title, configuration_group_description, sort_order, visible ) VALUES ( '199', 'WYSIWYG Editor 1.6', 'HTMLArea 1.6 Options', '15', '1' ); and try again, it just means that for groupd id 112 is already taken by something else Nic
  13. Trying to load WYSIWYG

    Should say IMPORT --> Browse file --> HTML_WYSIWYG_SQL.sql --> [OK] a few tabs along on the right Nic
  14. IP trap Version 3 released

    @jonanv & @artstyle This is the behaviour of an IP added to the Whitelist, @jonanv i just tried yours and got blocked and stayed blocked, it is working for me. Nic
  15. IP trap Version 3 released

    Hi Jorgen I have just tried your sites IP trap and it is working ok, banned me and kept me banned. Please let me know if there is another issue Nic