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  1. eyey, i have figured out why it happens, but i cant figure out how to fix it, so please help. Each time i either change description on products or simply hit the update button and proceed on products. It will put 0 on that item in stock report, but it still says the exact amount on product / stock. So what i have todo is simply remove everything from stock again, then readd it. So ill guess there should be a way to make it so the stock report doesnt say "0" each time ill hit the update button on a product, thanx for all the help i can get... Fredrik
  2. Hi, i have just got someone to install qtpro on an older snapshot of oscommerce for me. But i am experience some problems. Sometimes a product i have like 5 of instock (which i got if i look at product / stock), but for some weird reason, at first when i add the products its says the right quanity in (stock report to). But then, it just says 0 instock in the stock report, but it still says 5 when i go to product / stock. The reason why im bothered because of this, is as soon as it says 0 in stock report, there aint possible to buy the item, if anyone try itl take you back to "cart" after you try go to checkout, this sure is annoying since fellas sometimes try buy without actually managed todo it because of this error... please try to help a fella
  3. Hi, i have this all products contrib installed. But i cant seem to figure out how to list the prices with tax. Right now the tax (24%) aint included like everywhere else in my shop, so please help a fella :)
  4. anyone else using some of these contribution and can help me pick one? im far from sure for what to go for, but it would surely help if someone have some experince with either of em. thanx Sm,Med,and Lg Images ? Dynamic Mopics ? Standard Mopics ? More Pics ?
  5. what does dynamic means btw? dont get it, sorry for bothering though :)
  6. please anyone, if im not mistaken this is probably what im looking for. With this contribution, is it possible to add a product with one picture that is the thumbnail and one picture which is the big one that pop ups after clickin on it? so i can have two different pictures? or am i dead wrong, please tell me, thanx :)
  7. It seems like there is a few that does pretty much the same. So if anyone have used any of these and can recomend one for me, thanx.. if you didnt understand me, i would like the thumbnail to be ex one pair of jeans, and when they click it, there is a new detailed picture of the same jeans. So, 2 different pictures. hehe, English aint my native language so please, be nice :),257,1114,1611