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  1. newbie05

    Free shipping per product 1.1

    Help! I installed Free Shipping Per Product, and all seems fine until checkout! In my Admin section, I can select the free shipping drop down and enter 0 lbs for an item. In checkout though, it shows shipping for 3 lbs for this same item that should be free shipping. Even if I add multiple free shipping items in my shopping cart, it still shows the 3 lbs (and only 3 lbs...not 3 lbs. for each item). Any thoughts? Thanks so much!
  2. newbie05

    Estimated Shipping Costs

    I have not found a solution yet. Anyone else having the same problem? I did just notice though that my shipping estimator gives the two FedEx options as Express Saver and Ground Delivery even though it should be for a residential entry. I wonder if that is why the Express Saver is cheaper as well...business rate and not residential. Does anyone know where I might fix this? Thanks so much!
  3. newbie05

    Estimated Shipping Costs

    Good morning! Great contribution!!! I have installed version 1.7, and the estimated shipping box is in my left column. Two quick (hopefully quick) problems -- Has anyone tried installing this with FedEx? It will only list the Express Saver rate, although during checkout, customers can select from Home Delivery and Express Saver. Also, the Express Saver rate shown in the estimated shipping box is different than the Express Saver rate shown during checkout. My USPS Priority Mail rate is exactly the same though. Thanks so much!!
  4. newbie05

    fast easy checkout

    Sorry to be a bother...I really appreciate your work with FEC 3.2 Quicker Install v2. However, I am trying to use create_account2, and my install still gives the error when you check the 'Check to Use Billing Address' box. Any thoughts?? Thanks!
  5. newbie05

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    Ah ha!! I had replaced the instance of FILENAME_PRODUCT_LISTING as well with the new feature text. Yea!!!
  6. newbie05

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    Help! I added the Featured Products, and it works GREAT!! -- except that my product descriptions are missing!! When I click on a category (that has an item in it), the page for the subcategories comes up. I then click on the subcategory link, and there is nothing showing even though there really are items loaded in there. I can only view my Featured Product items because when I click on them, they go to their product description page. Any thoughts where I went wrong??? Thanks so much!!