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  1. Hy,

    hätte da mal eine Frage zum AFS?

    Bei uns sind im der Artikelbearbeitung manche Artikel blau hinterlegt als wäre ein minus Lagerstand aber der Artikel ist auf Bestand 0.

    Wie ist das möglich bzw. was kann ich dagegen tun?

    danke für deine rasche Antwort lg

  2. Alex2911


    a new version is now available: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2151 Changelog: .) Fixed a Bug that may result a conflict with another used parameter in the cart .) Added a feature that allow to redirect the User after Logged in to the Page he comes from .) Added some German Translations Thanks again to Steel who support the contribution for the english board members !
  3. For all who use the Contribution: administrators_v1.3.0_for_2.2MS1_gb2312 ################# This is a security update that contains 1 file. Please overwrite the old file with this new one immediatly ! ################# http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1051
  4. Alex2911

    Update osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2

  5. Alex2911


    Hi Steel :) Thank you for updating ! I didn't have time any more to support the contributions i made so it is good that there are also other who work on :) Best Regards Alex
  6. Alex2911

    Für alle Rechtsgeplagten

    Wälze mich da gerade durch - also poste ich euch hier gleich mal ein paar Links. Diese Infos gelten nur für Österreich ! Tipps für AGB im Internet: http://wko.at/wknoe/rp/mbAGBimInternetDetails.pdf Domain-Merkblatt: http://wko.at/wknoe/rp/domainauswahlmerkblatt.pdf Und hier noch was lustiges: "Verwendung von Cookies": http://wko.at/wknoe/rp/verwendungvoncookies.pdf Und noch was zum Thema "Informationspflichten laut ECG" (Auszug aus den Texten der WKO) Hinweis: Diese Links und Daten sollen nur als Wegweiser dienen. Keine Rechtsberatung, keine Haftung !
  7. Alex2911


    @ cswsblv2 - thank you for this information ! The readme is updated now.
  8. Alex2911


    The new Version of mail_validation is online --> http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2151 This addon allow you to check if the customers emailadress is valid by add ing a registration code. After the customer is registered, he will logged out again and have to register his emailadress by press a link from the registration-mail. New: The validation-code can be submit again to the users emailadress. He is also able to insert the code into the login-form instead of press the link (maybe for AOL-Users). For later contributions the emailadress on time of validate will be inserted in a column but not given out right now. For english spoken users i opened a topic there.
  9. Alex2911

    Paybox Offline Contrib

    Nobody can help ? It should be a payment method like "call me back" Alex
  10. Hi @ all I need following contrib: I search for a payment method callin "Paybox". But it should be offline. Really i only need a payment method who the customer add his cellular phone-number in a column that the admin can see. Only this one field - but i am really too stupid for this solution. If you can, help pls See ya Alex / Austira